Trans Europe Halles was established more than 30 years ago, back in the days when occupying an abandoned factory was a rebellious act performed only by the most courageous cultural and social activists. At this time, people believed that industrial buildings could have a second life as cultural venues, spaces for artistic production and meeting points for the community. Some of these activists formed TEH to support each other, to start international artistic cooperation and to demonstrate the power of citizen-led development. The supportive ethos and philosophy of sharing of resources and knowledge has brought the network to a position as one of the most dynamic and active networks in Europe today.

For many years TEH has supported the mobility and capacity building of culture professionals working in the independent sector, which has allowed us to develop an expertise in professional development, and provided us with a clear understanding of the needs of the sector.

TEH Academy, through its training programmes, aims at improving the professional skills and capacities of entry-level and mid-career cultural professionals, social and cultural activists and all those interested in taking an active role in the cultural arena for the benefit of their communities.

TEH Academy brings you the diverse real-life experience of practitioners from many different countries in Europe so you can learn directly from those who have actually made things happen in their cities and communities.

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