Political Statement by European Alliance for Culture and the Arts

TEH is among the 33 signatories of the European Alliance for Culture and the Arts’ statement calling on European institutions and Member States to include culture and the arts in the strategic goals of the EU. In the statement we call on European institutions and Member States to include culture and the arts in the strategic goals of the Union.

“Culture and the arts are the basis of the European project and moreover the essence of every civilizational development. They are substantially important to our identity, give meaning to human existence and reflect our shared history”.

Read the whole statement:
European Alliance for Culture and The Arts – Political Statement Jan 2017





Kino Siska website

Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture is a public institution that was founded by the Municipality of Ljubljana. Having operated since 2009, it is the central Slovenian institution, rather than being limited to Ljubljana, for contemporary and urban culture manifested in concerts, and also in visual and performing arts. Each year, Kino Šiška hosts more than 270 events, which are attended by around 90 thousand visitors.

Extending over 2,468 m2, Kino Šiška features the large Katedrala hall with a standing capacity of 932 and a seating capacity of 450, the small Komuna hall with a standing capacity of 200 and a seating capacity of 120, as well asKamera exhibition space and a café with a summer garden. 

Constructed in 1961 as a a cinema, Kino Šiška is considered a first-class building marked by modernist architecture. The building was designed by the Slovenian architect Božidar Gvardjančič, the alterations by architect Anja Planišček.

The programme of Kino Šiška represents and combines the urban life, multiculturalism, a politically unbiased attitude and advanced technology, whereas its architectural solutions make it one of Slovenia’s friendliest venues to the physically impaired and sensory-deprived. Kino Šiška encourages innovation, creativity and international cooperation.

Kino Šiška´s website

New TEH Associate | LUNIK, France

Lunik website

Lunik is a variable dimensions research and creation space that combines artists, writers, architects and any kind of researchers to a central core: artists Marta Jonville and Tomas Matauko. It is a space without a place. Its projects gathers researchers around specific issues and it is based where the projects take place. LUNIK is based in Bordeaux, France.

Luniks objective is the creation of collective, multidisciplinary and international artistic production situations, crossing countries, territories, history and its specific issues. To that end, Lunik conceives artistic processes to question the individual as a citizen and Art as an emancipatory activity having an impact on its environment.

Luniks vision is that culture, and more specifically visual arts, are a tool to make mankind evolve. In a world where the tendency is alienation, Lunik creates sharing strategies to enhance creativity and awareness of the public space by organizing international projects, curation of exhibitions, conferences, debates, meetings, workshops. It creates publications and catalogs as well as artists residencies.

Lunik works with students, artists, cultural workers, teenagers as well as other citizens. "It’s a trans-artistic, trans-disciplinary, trans-national and trans-pedagogic creation tool that aims the development of constructive criticism through arts and transmission of knowledge strategies. We truly believe in the necessity of knowledge from the past issues, to more efficiently understand and act on present issues. We consider the educational theory according to which the student learns as much from the teacher as the teacher does from the student to be an auxiliary to democracy".

Luniks’ interest in political history, on the study of events from the past, on re-enactment, is to better understand the issues of the present and to deepen the problematic of democracy within the process of artistic creation.

By making European partnerships, Lunik builds living, performative, social sculptures, where each discipline makes its way through, and tints, the entire artistic production.

LUNIKs facebookpage 


New TEH Associate | Transit, Sweden

Transit Website

Transit in Stockholm is a collaboration partner for freelance film makers, musicians, performing artists, fine artists and designers. In common for the connected artists connected is the need to focus, structure and strengthen their artistic work.

Transit offers office space, workshops and coaching as a type of scholarship. In total there are 25-30 freelance artists in an open-plan office space who share contacts and knowledge over lunch on a daily basis. Everything that is included in Transit is free – desk space, coaching, workshops and access to project rooms. There are workshops in, amongst other things, contracts and negotiating, accounting, tax returns and VAT, artistic processes, rhetoric and leadership.

Transit works from the idea that a dynamic and accepting environment helps many artists and their companies to develop both artistically and economically. If more artists are given the conditions they need to gain strength, then we will all be able to partake in and benefit from arts and culture production that is both developing and challenging – an important contribution to the formation of an open and inclusive society.

Transit is financed by Stockholm County Council’s Culture Department.

Transit´s website



La Harinera combines industrial heritage, cultural innovation and contemporary creation in an old mill in the Castilla-La Mancha region in the Unesco "La Mancha Húmeda" Biosphere Reserve on Quixote Route. The premises in which all the machinery of the old mill is preserved consist of flexible cultural spaces, a museum, exhibition space and a hostel. Read more


kanepesKaņepes Kultūras centrs is a cultural centre, a place for recreation and entertainment, a platform for people using arts and entertainment as a tool to emphasize the need for equal opportunities for all. 
It is situated in a former dormitory of the Art Academy then used as music school for 50 years after which it was left empty, deteriorating for three years until the Kanepes people moved in. Read more


InstitutforXInstitut for (X) is a culture and business platform for young designers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and craftsmen working side by side. It is since 2009 located in and around a former customs building in central Aarhus.
The various, more or less temporary buildings in the area house workshop- and office facilities created by initaitives of all sorts representing app. 90 projects, 50 businesses and 35 associations. Read more



Art-zavod Platforma is a creative cluster in Kyiv that seeks to foster an inspiring working environment where ideas can be realized. The premises previously housed a silk factory.

The main goal of Art-zavod Platforma is to increase the cultural life of Ukraine and the development of the creative economy in the country. The platform has IT industries, educational programs, music studios, a design school, street fashion institutes and art centers, all residing next to each other. It is a unique “city in the city” concept created for work and entertainment with focus on people, ideas and work.

The total area  is 69 571 m2  and consists of various spaces for creation, workshops, art galleries, office facilities, indoor event areas and a recreation zone. The facilities also include 2 piazzas/squares and a parking lot. Art-zavod Platforma can accommodate conferences, various presentations and concerts. It is possible to host several big events simultaneously. 

People. Today Art-zavod Platforma houses a growing community of a new generation of talented creative people that establish progressive businesses and develop art projects. The goal is to create a comfortable “eco-system” for them.

Ideas. The revitalization of the huge spaces of Art-zavod Platforma is carried by the idea of transformational processes. The philosophy is that residents and guests implement ideas that could change the world and that working together ideas can be realized.

Work. The idea is to house a mixture of various kinds of work, art and edutainment. This attracts many people that are developing projects. Together a community of innovators and creative entrepreneurs are formed, of people that through working together create the future. 

Art-zavod Platforma´s website




Godsbanen was designed to be a new center for cultural production in Aarhus. It was established in 2012 in an old freightyard in the center of the city.
It spreads across 10.500 m2 of indoor facilities ranging from; production facilities, meeting rooms, conference rooms, office spaces, performance and exhibition venues, large common areas and much more. Godsbanen accomodates professional centers for performing arts, visual art and literature; a theater (Katapult), a music venue (Radar), a restaurant, an open curated stage (blackbox), film workshop, film school and a 1000m2 multi room for larger productions and exhibitions. 10 apartments are available for guests and artists in residence.

A number of well equipped workshops; textile, wood, metal and also a laser cutter is available to the city’s residents, both private and corporate who can manufacture their own products, as well as develop their skills. There are also a number of production rooms where artists can create, build or rehearse and a large variety of exhibition spaces.

A small cinema and a large foyer can be used for all sorts of events. Besides the activities facilitated by Godsbanen, a large number of events, workshops, conferences, meetings etc. arranged by others take place on Godsbanens premises.

On Godsbanen and the nearby Brobjergskole (former school), 50 individual project spaces are used by a multitude of cultural agents. These range from the cultural department of the municipality, several festivals, professional and upcoming artists and curators. All the residencies of Godsbanen operate within the field of culture and the main purpose of Godsbanen is to create an inspiring milieu for these cultural agents, where they can enrich, challenge and inspire each other in order to encourage a dynamic and living art and cultural scene in Aarhus.

The primary goal of Godsbanen is the development and encouragement of the cultural competences of the users. Godsbanen also encourages cross cultural/sectoral cooperation through various workshops, talks and recidencies. Godsbanen is part of the

The independent institution Godsbanen is responsible for content, cooperation, communication, international relations and representation whereas Aarhus municipality is responsible for operations, buildings, technicians, booking and the craft workshops.

Godsbanen´s homepage



POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth is a public non–profit institution for culture, based on a new model of civil–public partnership. It was founded in 2008 and is managed by the independent network Alliance Operation City and the City of Zagreb.

Pogon manages a venue Jedinstvo which is former water-pump factory situated on the Sava riverbank. In its 2 main halls (80 and 450 square meters) it hosts various events: exhibitions of local artists, international festivals of visual and performing arts, concerts and parties, theatre and dance shows. Opened in September 2009, Jedinstvo serves not only as presentation space, but also as a production space.

The main function of Pogon is to provide its spaces free of charge for programs of culture and youth organizations. Pogon is not defined with aesthetic criteria nor program/curatorial concept but functions as an open platform. Annually, there are over 200 different public events being organized in Pogon from every field of contemporary culture and art (exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, new circus performances, concerts, lectures, public forums, and other) and also 150 workshops and seminars. Along with it, Pogon is frequently being used for production, rehearsals, art residencies, meetings and more. Numerous acclaimed performers of the Croatian and international scene and many young, yet to be acclaimed artists have had events in Pogon. Pogon hosts programs of various international festivals, such as: New Circus Festival, contemporary dance festival Platforma.hr, Perforacije – Week of performance arts and music festivals such as Illectricity festival and Žedno uho. Annually, about 80 different organizations, informal groups, and individual organizers use the spaces of Pogon.

Through its activities on an international, but first of all European scene, Pogon wishes to contribute on connecting Croatian and international artists and facilitating collaborations between them. An example is a permanent collaboration an an artists-in-residence programme with the prestigious German institution Akademie Schloss Solitude. Alongside that, Pogon is one of the initiators of Corners, a project that gathers artists and researchers from regions on the edges of Europe, and provides them the possibility of production of their interdisciplinary art projects. Pogon also participates in various international discussions on the role of culture in today's Europe.

Pogon`s website


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