Summer is upon us with its sunny days, heartbreaking sunsets and warm nights. It is also a perfect time to set on a trip around Europe.

If you haven’t yet settled all your travel plans and would be keen to pay a visit to another TEH member to work together on a new project or develop a session for TEH Camp Meeting 88 in Timisoara, then we have some really exciting news for you! This summer, TEH offers travel and accommodation support for 8 members and associates who would like to run a session at TEH Camp Meeting 88 in Timisoara and need some space and time to meet up with their partners from the network.

What do I need to do?

To write a one-page project proposal or a hub proposal after the visit. Come to TEH Camp Meeting 88 and lead follow-up session on the topic.

How much is the support?

€500 (travel+accommodation)

Where can you go?

You can visit any TEH member. It is also OK if you meet somewhere in the middle.

How long should be the visit?

Depends on you. We only have €500 per meeting of two organisations’ representatives.

When can I apply? 

Deadline is by 1 August.

* Yet, bear in mind, that it has first come, first served policy as we have limited resources.

How do the selection and notification work?

You are notified one day after you apply. Selection happens on ‘first come, first served’ basis. We have limited resources and can only support 8 members or associates.

Who is eligible?

Staff members in TEH member and associates.

Important practicalities

We need all the boarding passes, tickets and receipts before 15 August so we can reimburse you.

Who to contact?

For any questions or concerns, please write to Olga at olga@teh.net or Burak at burak@teh.net.

TEH Member News – July / August

There are some things happening this summer that we would like to share with you…

Rojc Alliance / Pula, Croatia 

Barakata festival – the artistic village in motion – was held on 10-18 of May 2019 at the social and cultural centre Karlo Rojc in Pula, Croatia. The village is made from different moving theatres and performing arts companies (40 people in total) mainly from France. They live in a moving community where all decisions are made together.

Pula was their second stop on their way to Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture 2019, where they will meet with other members of ‘’Odyssee Karavana’’ that they are part of and make the final show on the streets of Plovdiv. The programme in Pula was made of different concerts, performances, workshops and an open stage with a strong accent on collaboration and networking, both with local artists and performers and the local community. The project’s goal was to show another dimension of culture – an alternative and independent one and was made in collaboration of La Famille Walili and different Croatian cultural associations from Rojc.

Ifö Center / Bromolla, Sweden 


Before the end of June, Ifö Center has once in a lifetime chance to save their cultural centre by buying out their own ‘home’ – a unique ceramic factory dating back to 1870. To achieve their goal, they need our help. They are inviting us to purchase support shares. Each share costs around 50 Euros, but any amount contributed will be used to buy out the venue.

Saving Ifö Center means saving the artist studios, the outdoor gallery, the workshops and exhibitions, the residency programs, their artistic programme for kids and the efforts to restore Europe’s largest stoneware fountain and most importantly a key project for the local community.

Find more information about how you can support the centre here. If you have any questions, please, reach out via email to x567utopia@hotmail.com. 

Call for Artists in Residence

Ifö Center has also launched an open call for artists in residence between April-November 2019. Ifö Center is a new, artist-run cultural center at Lake Ivö in Bromölla, Sweden.

Right now they are inviting artists, artisans, and art school students to do art residence with them. Residents will have access to the workshops and will live in a large villa next to the centre. Residency can result in an exhibition or maybe something else. In some cases, Ifö Center can also provide financial support for travel, material and/or living.

Find more information about the application procedure here.

Ifö Center joins TEH staff exchange

Ifö Center is happy to announce that they are joining TEH Staff Exchange Programme. They are able to host all year round but would specifically welcome someone around 6-15 August as they are having a talented street artist working on a new mural. A volunteer will be able to assist the artist and follow the creative process.

Studio ALTA / Prague, Czech Republic

Studio ALTA is hosting a physical workshop “The Nature of Our Body” with Bára Sigfúsdóttir. During the workshop, the choreographer will share her practice and research about exploring different connections between our bodies and nature. The aim of the workshop is to support and cultivate the movement capacity and creativity of each individual member. Find more information about the event here.

Tabacka Kulturfabrik / Kosice, Slovakia

Tabačka Kultirfabrik ‘piloted’ the topic “Future is now” with 3 exhibitions in 2018 by Daniel Boschung, Mariano Sardon and Heather Dewey-Hagborg. In 2019 they are continuing with new exhibitions in the Tabačka Gallery. The intention is to show the dynamics of today’s technical and scientific progress, which has a high potential to change the world. Tabacka will present the works of artists partnering with scientists and programmers, using technology. Exhibitions will be accompanied with discussions, workshops, lectures – to provide us with the context and opportunity to consider key elements of current developments in this area.

The centre also develops complimentary events with the theme ‘Art&Tech’ within their regular program. Find more information here.

IZOLYATSIA / Kyiv, Ukraine

IZOLYATSIA is happy to announce the second call for financial support for international artist mobility. The call aims at artists and cultural professionals aged 18 who are active in the field of performing arts and/or visual arts and are legally residing in Creative Europe country.

The call is part of i-Portunus project. It is a pilot project selected and funded by the Creative Europe programme of the EU. It supports short-term mobility of artists and cultural professionals. This time there is a possibility to submit group applications and have segmented mobilities. There is also disability support available.

Deadline: 24 June (14:00 CEST)
Notification of the results: 16 July

Find more information about the project and the application here.

Tou / Stavanger, Norway

T-Time Vinyl Plant is an upcoming record pressing plant and the latest addition to the production of art and culture at Tou. The vinyl plant will compliment the already existing bar, restaurant, music studios, performing arts and concert venues at Tou. In addition to the vinyl production, the centre will also open the “Wine & Vinyl Bar” next door, where visitors can enjoy coffee, tea or wine after a visit at the vinyl plant.

T-Time aims to become an open, professional and respected vinyl plant and a complement to the global market.

Screening of Jean-Luc Godard’s latest film ‘Le Livre D’image’ across Europe

There is a promising possibility to screen Jean-Luc Godard’s latest film ‘Le Livre d’Images’ on local stage of each TEH-member. The idea originated from the director himself who doesn’t want to exploit this artwork commercially but would rather screen it at various places such as traffic islands, military cemeteries, politically active cultural places, etc. Here came an idea to show the film at various cultural centres across Europe.

Find more information here. If you are interested to participate or have any questions please contact Fabrice Aragno.


Tabacka Kulturfabrik – Daniel Boschung / Vernissage

Studio ALTA – Leif Filmhaber

IZOLYATZIA – Artboard – Mykhailo Glubokyi

Le Livre D’image – Kino Lorber

Startup Support Programme 2020

Trans Europe Halles calls for emerging civic initiatives with a focus on arts, culture and creativity that are located in re-purposed buildings to participate in the third edition of the Startup Support Programme. This time we’re looking for initiatives in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Trans Europe Halles is a network of people who believe that creativity, grass-roots initiatives and public activism can improve our lives and societies. We are striving to bring a positive change through the cultural revival of (post-industrial) neighbourhoods and its communities. We believe that our work matters and that it reinforces the future development of independent cultural and creative spaces in Europe.

We have always been supporting those who dare, who are curious and who have imagination. With this idea in mind, we launched the Startup Support Programme two years ago. This programme is addressing to socially engaged NGOs that are developing emerging cultural and creative spaces in repurposed buildings.

Within the Startup Support Programme, we carefully look at the challenges each project is having and set up a tailor-made scheme to move towards a sustainable future. This year we will focus on Caucasus countries, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, that have the potential for many inspiring cultural centres and creative hubs.

What is a Startup?

In our vision, a startup is a civic initiative that is situated in a re-purposed (industrial) building with a focus on creativity, arts and culture along with a Do-It-Yourself / Do-It-Together (DIY/DIT) approach. It is still in its preliminary phase, but is already self-sufficient (either economically or due to people’s dedication), though not yet sustainable.

What has been done within the programme so far?

The programme was launched in 2017 and we have supported six emerging centres in the Balkans and Eastern Europe so far.  Below you can find more information about the process, the participants and their challenges:

We are also proud to share with you a series of publications about the 6 participants of TEH Startup Support Programme. Three of them have already  been released:

What does the Startup Support Programme do?

From 2017 to 2021, the Startup Support Programme is investing in bringing emerging cultural and creative spaces to their next level of development through:

  • Expert consultation and coaching for their teams.
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing involving other emerging spaces in our network.
  • Networking activities during our Conferences and Meetings
  • Access to TEH Capacity Building Programme and activities. (Check out our Capacity Building Programme)
  • Inspirational case studies of spaces in the startup phase.

For the third edition, we are looking for three emerging cultural and creative spaces from the Caucasus region to take part in the programme.

The program will run until July 2020. Eligible countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

You can apply for this programme if

  • You are not a TEH Member or Associate yet.
  • You are located in one of the three eligible countries mentioned above.
  • You are legally established as an organisation.
  • You are repurposing a building for creative, cultural and artistic uses.
  • You have a legal agreement – or you are in negotiation – with the owner of the building about its future use.
  • Your organisation has been operating inside the building for less than two years, or you are planning to work in it in 2020.

We are offering the following

• A scoping visit of two international experts, who have founded and run their own cultural and creative spaces. This visit aims to become familiar with your work and define what will be the best way to collaborate with Trans Europe Halles. After the scoping visit, a group of peers will work with you to address your main challenges. According to your needs, the outcomes will vary among developing a strategic plan, working on your organisational model, planning of renovating your building and community development.
• Situation analysis and organisational diagnosis.
• Coaching from TEH peers until July 2020, including a tailor-made workshop at your centre.
• Your case to be included in a publication about the programme.
• Access to a vibrant community of like-minded organisations in Europe.
• Become a TEH Associate for two years.

How does the selection process work?

Your application will be evaluated immediately after the call is closed by the programme’s Selection Committee. It includes five international experts selected among our member centres, our Executive Committee and the staff of our Coordination Office. We will announce the results a couple of days after the call is closed.

What do you commit to if you are selected?

If your cultural centre is one of the three lucky ones selected for this first edition of the programme, you commit to: • Actively participate in the programme.

  • Pay a participation fee of 300€. (Which covers two years of TEH associate membership fee, participation in the full program mentioned above.)
  • Present your work to TEH members during TEH Camp Meeting in Timisoara (Romania), 17-20 October 2019.
  • Deliver a short written report about the process, including visual documentation.

Experts you will be working with

Mykhailo Glubokyi – development director of IZOLYATSIA, a platform for cultural initiatives and IZONE creative community. Mykhailo has been working with IZOLYATSIA since it’s very beginning in 2011, then rebuilding the foundation after it has been forced to move to Kyiv. Now he is responsible for international communications and co-coordinates direction of cultural foundation in Ukraine and abroad. At the same time, he co-manages IZONE creative community hub to support further development of cultural and creative industries in Ukraine.

Chris Keulemans grew up in Bagdad, Iran. In 1984 Chris founded the literary bookshop Perdu in Amsterdam. During the 90’s he worked at Da Belie, centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam, first, as a curator, later as a director. Until 2014 he was the artistic director of the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. Since 1994 he travelled through the Balkan region extensively. He advised and worked with Red House (Sofia), TICA (Tirana), Akjica (Sarajevo) and PAC Multimedia (Skopje).

He is the author of The Heart of the Matter – The Role of the Arts and Culture in the Balkans’ European Integration, published by the European Cultural Foundation.

How can you apply?

If you wish to apply on behalf of your organisation, submit your online application before Sunday 1st September 2019 at 23:59 Central European Time.

If you have questions or need help with your application, contact our Capacity Building Director Michel Quéré at michel@teh.net.

The Startup Support Programme is part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

TEH Member News – April/May

We have loads of things to share with you…

Ifo Center / Bromolla, Sweden

Ifö Center is launching an open call for artists in residence between April-November 2019. Ifö Center is a new, artist-run cultural center at Lake Ivö in Bromölla, Sweden. It is located in an old ceramics factory and holds collective workshops, print studio, various equipment, such as slab roller and concrete mixers.

Right now they are inviting artists, artisans, and art school students to do art residence with them. Residents will have access to the workshops and will live in a large villa next to the centre. Residency can result in an exhibition or maybe something else. In some cases, Ifö Center can also provide financial support for travel, material and/or living.

Find more information about the application procedure here.

Tou Scene / Stavanger, Norway

After years of planning and building, the music community Tou Lyd finally opened on Tuesday, 26 March. Tou Lyd is a music community for professional musicians, producers, as well as upcoming talents.

The facilities contain 18 types of rehearsal rooms and 4 studios connected to a live-room. Tou Lyd’s objective is to facilitate for professional production, lay grounds for industry development and be a significant meeting place for the community. Close to 100 musicians and producers will be working at Tou Lyd on a daily basis.

Bitamine Faktoria / Irun, Spain

KONTENPORANEA is a Contemporary Culture Meeting promoted by the city council of Irun (Basque Country) and organised by young professionals coming from various fields of art. This collaborative project aims to give visibility to artists in a local, national and international level by asking their input on a specific subject. The fourth edition of KONTENPORANEA is turning around the topic of EXCHANGE. More precisely, the open call aims at an artist (or group of artists) and asks for their artwork on the exchange that exists between human and non-human.

Application deadline: 22 April.

It is important to remind that the OPEN CALL addresses to artists regardless of their age, nationality and field of art, as long as their artwork can be printable.

Once the selection of artworks is done, they will be exhibited in public space throughout the three days of KONTENPORANEA on 17-19May 2019.

Register here. Find more information about the event here.

Studio ALTA / Prague, Czech Republic

Studio ALTA is happy to invite professional dancers for a series of three-hour workshops with DanielRaček between 13-17 May 2019. These lessons are for all enthusiasts who would like to become aware of their bodies and their motion possibilities.

Lessons will start with technical training followed by improvised duets. Let´s enjoy improvised duets full of grace, courage, risk, lightness of being and the possibility to choose.

Read more information about the workshops here.

Den Ny Maltfabrik / Ebeltoft, Denmark

This summer Den Ny Maltfabrik in Ebeltoft, Denmark, is opening for the public. After 1,5 year of construction and renovation, the old malt factory from 1861 is given a new life as the cultural and commercial center of the region. The 5000 square meters inside the old building will house a museum, library, microbrewery, concert venue, restaurants, workshop facilities, co-working space and artist residencies.

We are looking forward to sharing all the future activities from Maltfabrikken in Denmark!

Communitism / Athens, Greece

Butterflies and camels have always been subjects of curiosity: Butterflies are light and buoyant. They pollinate from flower to flower, following the wind and the ephemeral changes of season. Camels are creatures of labor. Where the butterfly is free, the camel weathers all storms and droughts. The camel is self-sufficient, carrying their own water, moving through life with steady strength; always remembering a face or their way home.

Can you relate to any of the two? It is our observation that in most social groups, personalities can be matched to these two options. However, in a well-blended group they are able to exchange roles, each one able to enjoy a little bit of the other’s charisma.

In Communitism, we believe that communication is achieved through common practice. For this reason, and because we are looking forward to embodying a little bit more of the camel or the butterfly, we invite artists, crafters and makers of all kinds to create with us an outstanding fashion show, dedicated to these two lovely creatures and their unlimited combinations. Clothing, accessories and the whole show’s set up will be created by repurposing old garments and materials, through a horizontal skill sharing process. So far we have knowledge in garments, jewelry and lighting making techniques.

Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with the group. We are looking forward to blending all of our approaches and ideas! By the end of the project, each one of us will have a collectively created outfit to model in the fashion show of ‘Butterflies and Camels’, at Communitism Building, at the end of May 2019.

If you feel like holding a residency along this project, then drop a line to the organisers at communitism4art@gmail.com.

Associazione Culturale Oltre… / Bologna, Italy

 The Great International Soup Festival – Gran Festival Internazionale della Zuppa -is a free-entry open-air soup contest, spiced up by street artists, music and tireless volunteers. It takes place in Bologna every year since 2006.

The 12th edition of the “pop” soup cook-off takes place in Parco Pier Paolo Pasolini on 5 May. It will celebrate the Anniversary of Italy’s Liberation, the International Workers’ Day and the core values of a peaceful and inclusive society. Everyone is invited to take part in the free tasting and to vote for the favourite soup! People are encouraged to come by bike or bus and bring their own bowl and spoon (to reduce plastic waste).

The festival is organised by Associazione Culturale Oltre… in order to promote active community involvement, equality and solidarity, a cultural and generational melting pot.

In order to participate as soup-contestant, free registration is required by filling up the online formThink that it’s a great initiative?! Then support the festival through our crowdfunding campaign!

Be the spark that lights up the festival: SOUPport the Soup!



  1. Tou Scene:  The Mayor Christine Sagen Helgæ at Opening of Tou Lyd
  2. Studio ALTA: Tatiana Brederová
  3. Communitism: The banner by D Dourida
  4. ManifestoZuppa2019 – Stampa oltre
  5. Den Ny Maltfabrik: Dennis Kristensen

Organisational Development Session in Innsbruck

 Fuck Gains for Pain

What if coming to work would charge your batteries instead of draining them? What if your passions were nurtured rather than exploited or pushed aside?

Trans Europe Halles and Die Bäckerei are starting a new project. It will focus on creating conditions we need to thrive within our organisations. The project will span over one year and result in the development of a diagnostic toolkit to be used by everyone in the network.

As we all know, starting a cultural centre is very different from maintaining one. The following project aims to explore how we can keep initial motivation and energy. Together we will learn how we can create organisations that keep us engaged. We will also discuss how we can protect ourselves from burnouts that are so common in the sector.

In Die Bäckerei, we have been working a lot on these questions. Now we want to share our methods and learn from others. Together with other participants, we want to work on ideas and examples to develop a simple toolkit accessible to everyone.

The first meeting takes place on 27-29 June in a picturesque location in the Alps (hosted by Die Bäckerei). We are inviting 5 cultural centres to join us there. This event will be the beginning of ongoing communication and development.

How we will do this

Facilitated by Shawn and Florian from Die Bäckerei, participants will:

· Build multi-sensory sculptures to describe the inner structure of their organisations
· Use timeline-building to define their journey so far
· Do energy mapping to identify where they draw their energy from and what they use it for
· Explore existing methods that are worth borrowing for their own purposes
· Together build a simple diagnostic tool to use in everyday work
· Have a Q&A session with an expert in organisational development

At the end of the event, participants will be able to take back with them a pool of new ideas and a simple diagnostic tool to assess their organisations.

The project team (Shawn and Florian) will follow up with regular Skype meetings for progress and introspection and a two-day visit of the culture centre to go into detail about its inner structure, values and methods.

The collected data will be shared and further developed at the TEH meetings over the year. Insights, actionable research and methods will be turned into a creative and easy-to-use toolkit for everyone in the network to apply and build on.

A few words about the host

Die Bäckerei is an independent cultural centre from Innsbruck, Austria. As a dynamic space, it brings together aspects of communication, production, and presentation. Die Bäckerei is a space that cannot be precisely defined but is created by its users, the dynamic core of the facility.

The participants of the session will be able to learn more about the centre and its work during their stay.

Practical information

Venue: Die Bäckerei – Kulturbackstube
Venue address: Dreiheiligenstrasse 21a in 6020 Innsbruck
How to get there
Either via Innsbruck airport and then on the busline F (stops right in front of Die Bäckerei) or via train (the train station is in a walking distance).
You can also fly to Munich airport (often cheaper flights) and then take the Flixbus or train to Innsbruck.


Gasthof Neupradl – a simple old-school boardinghouse
7min walking distance, 51€ for single, 88€ for double, only 5 rooms available
Hotel Nala – a modern nice hotel
20min walking distance or 7min by tram, rooms starting from 90€ for single
Hotel Leipzigerhof – a four-star hotel
7mins walking distance, rooms starting from 88€ for single.

Entrance fees

The event is free of charge. There will be affordable meals available at the venue.

There is a possibility to apply for a travel grant. Please, contact Michel Quéré for more information.

Interested? Then hesitate no more and join us in Innsbruck this summer!


Herbert Salzmann

After studying humanities and social sciences in Innsbruck and Freiburg, Herbert Salzmann trained in organisational development and management in 1990. He has a long experience in consulting and specialises in coaching and business mediation. He gives lectures and seminars on leadership, coaching and organisational development. He has released several publications on the subject and teaches regularly.



If you have questions or need help with your registration, contact Michel Quéré, Florian Ladstätter, and Shawn Antoni Wright. Organisational Session in Innsbruck is a part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Photo credits: Foto: Natália Zajačiková

TEH Member News – March/April

Our members are always active and have a lot to share with you…

CulturePolis / Corfu, Greece

CulturePolis is presenting its COSME funded project DIVERTIMENTO on 19 March 2019 in Brussels at “Showcase Conference on Tourism – Tourism SMEs Connecting Europe”.

DIVERTIMENTO is the EU-supported project that aims to diversify tourism offers in peripheral destinations with heritage-based products and services. The project works to strengthen stakeholder alliances and improve the professional skills of local operators. The final product – Trilogy is a series of games to promote 70 destinations with distinctive cultural identity and heritage through the use of new technologies. So far the Trilogy is completed by 7 Heritage Games at 7 heritage places.

Izolyatsia / Kyiv, Ukraine

In May 2018, the European Commission published A New Agenda for Culture. The New Agenda proposes more direct action in relation to the mobility of artists and culture professionals. In this context, Goethe-Institut, Institut Français, Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts and IZOLYATSIA will be launching a pilot mobility scheme for artists and culture professionals in April 2019.

A pilot mobility platform will allow 500 artists and/or culture professionals to take part in this experimental program which will test different mobility durations for various professional purposes over the course of six months. Between April 2019 and September 2019 candidates can apply for support to work abroad (within the countries mentioned under the Creative Europe programme) from 15 to 85 days. More information on the project and the deadlines will follow on the mobility platform website in April 2019.

For more information, please send an email to Eva.Blaute.extern@goethe.de.

Bakelit / Budapest, Hungary

Bakelit has the space for your creative ideas

Bakelit announces its annual open call for Hungarian and international companies, performers and fine artists. It will provide space, infrastructure and an opportunity for them to introduce their work. The goal is to offer space of creation and performance for alternative, independent and experimental artists and to showcase quality performances without any restriction of genre.

For the season 2019/2020, the centre would like to invite productions from their neighbours. The aim is to strengthen the artistic connection and network between Hungary and all countries around it. Individual and group applications are welcome, there are no restrictions at all concerning the genre of submitted works.

Deadline: 31 March 2019

What Bakelit provides

Stage and rehearsal rooms (for 3 days between Monday and Thursday)
Room and board (3 days/ 2 nights)
Technical equipment and staff
Photo and video documentation of your presented show
Commission depending on ticket sales (according to agreement)
The possibility to network with Bakelit’s international partners all around Europe

How to apply
Please send the following documents to international@bmac.hu

synopsis (min. 2000 characters)
detailed technical rider
the number of traveling people (even though Bakelit cannot cover travel costs, it can assist in finding grants if needed)
video link (full performance if possible) and a short trailer
photo documentation (min. 2 high-resolution pictures with credits)

For more information, please send an email to international@bmac.hu.

Pro Rodopi Art Centre / Bostina, Bulgaria

Pro Rodopi Art Centre (PRAC) from Bulgaria has recently collaborated with Staffan Bjorklunds Theatre from Sweden on the visual physical production for youngsters and adults – Homo Ludens.

The highly acclaimed Bulgarian theatre director Petar Todorov worked with the well known Swedish artists Staffan Bjorklund and Enid Bjorklund on the piece together with the Danish composer Lars Fjeldmose and the Danish cabaret and circus star Nils Fjeldmose. Homo Ludens is a surprising theatre experience full of joy and emotional thoughts about the relation of mankind and the world. Later in 2019, the piece will be performed at the festivals in St. Petersburg (Russia), Kiev (Ukraine) and Smolyan and Bourgas (Bulgaria).


TEH centres are invited to collaborate with PRAC on presentation of Homo Ludens across Europe.

Interested, then please send an email to prf@prac.biz.

Photo credits:
CulturePolis – Konstantina Korameri; IZOLYATSIA – Mykhailo Glubokyi; Bakelit -M.A.C.

Call for Hosts of the TEH Spring Conferences in May 2021/2022

Every single day we witness political, economic, technological and ecological changes on the planet, in our societies.

What does it mean for cultural operators? How do they respond to it? How deeply this influences the way in which arts and culture are created, presented and experienced? Can professional practices as well as public and private policies ensure that diverse artistic voices reach potential audiences? How to adapt, to re-invent our role and position in the communities?

A TEH Spring Conference is a publicly accessible four-day event, open for cultural and creative professionals. It provides the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, practices and experience.

A TEH conference is a high-quality event. It consists of several sessions of innovative formats with visionary keynote speakers and inspiring workshop leaders who stimulate creative thinking. It includes an artistic programme that reflects the work of the host centre and is a way for participants to discover the local scene.

We now open a call for hosts of the Trans Europe Halles conference TEH 91 and TEH 93.


  • A meeting point for cultural operators in Europe to reflect upon the most relevant issues appearing in society
  • A place to discover innovative ideas, models and projects in the sector
  • The opportunity for the participants to enhance their professional skills and to learn how to make their organisations more resilient
  • The ultimate opportunity to develop members’ international network
  • A rewarding experience for both the network and the local host centre


A TEH Spring Conference is a collaboration and co-creation between the TEH coordination office and an active and trustworthy member of the network. The concept and the program of the Conference reflect both local issues and global challenges.

The registration fee for the conference must be affordable for TEH members and associates.

The Executive Committee will select the host and propose its selection to the members at the General Assembly in Dresden on 19 May 2019.


If you want to host  a TEH Spring Conference in May 2021 or 2022,
FILL IN THE FORM no later than 20 March 2019.


● To be an active member of the network (3 years minimum, with regular and active participation in meetings and conferences)
● To have the capacity and resources to organise an international four-day professional gathering for 200 to 300 participants. This includes:

  • Accessible venue and premises
  • Staff and volunteers
  • Finances and funding opportunities
  • Local, regional and national connections
  • To propose an interesting thematic and accurate formats


The host of the conference must be prepared and equipped to finance the conference without relying on financial support from TEH.


It’s important to remember that the benefits of the conference are shared equally between the host, the members and TEH:

● The host gets the opportunity to raise its international profile
● The members gain new knowledge through innovative speeches and workshops
● TEH maintains its reputation through the relevance of the programme and the quality of the organisation


Don’t hesitate to contact Michel Quéré for more information.


TEH Conference in ZAWP Bilbao in 2018 by Tania Díez María, Niina Lahti and Ariane Calzada
Creative Lenses Forum Kosice

Call for Hosts of the TEH Camp Meetings in October 2021/2022

A TEH Camp Meeting is a publicly accessible four-day event, open for cultural and creative professionals, mainly from TEH network. It provides the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, practices and experience.

The Camp Meeting consists of several sessions initiated by TEH-member centres. The sessions stimulate peer-to-peer learning and focus on hands-on activities and sharing. The Camp Meeting includes an ‘action lab’ or ‘market space’ in which TEH-members and associates can pitch ideas, share projects and create international collaborations.

It includes an artistic programme that reflects the work of the host centre and is a way for participants to discover the local scene.

We now open a call for a host of the Trans Europe Halles Camp Meetings TEH 92 (in October 2021) and TEH 94 (in October 2022)!


  • Open to staff, collaborators and volunteers of members and associates of TEH network
  • Local and regional colleagues/ officials of the hosting centre can join the event
  • The content is co-organised and co-created by TEH members
  • A place for the peers to meet and share best practices from fellow organisations and to start cooperation for future international projects
  • A place to discuss and to decide on the future of the network
  • The opportunity for the participants to enhance their professional skills and to build more resilient cultural organisations
  • The ultimate opportunity to develop members’ international network
  • A rewarding opportunity for both the network and the local host centre

How are Camp Meetings organised

TEH Camp Meeting is a collaboration and co-creation between the TEH coordination office and an active and trustworthy member of the network. The concept and the program of the Camp Meeting reflect both local-regional issues and TEH member challenges.

The registration fee for the Camp Meeting must be affordable for TEH members and associates.

How to become a host

Want to host TEH Camp Meeting in October 2021 or in October 2022?
FILL IN THE FORM no later than 20 March 2019!


● To be an active member of the network (minimum of 2 years membership of TEH, with regular and active participation in meetings and conferences)

● To have the capacity and resources to organise an international four-day professional gathering between 100 to 175 participants. This includes:

  • Accessible venue and premises
  • Staff and volunteers
  • Finances and funding opportunities
  • Local, regional and national connections
  • To propose an interesting thematic and accurate formats


The host of the camp meeting must be prepared and equipped to finance the camp meeting without relying on financial support from TEH.


It’s important to remember that the benefits of the camp meeting are shared equally between the host, the members and TEH:

  • The host gets the opportunity to raise its international profile
  • The members gain new knowledge through innovative speeches and workshops
  • TEH maintains its reputation through the relevance of the programme and the quality of the organisation


Don’t hesitate to contact Michel Quéré for more information.

TEH Camp Meeting in Bagneux (2018) by André Rosenfeld
TEH Camo Meeting in Kyiv (2017) by Dima Sergeev and Valeriy Miloserdov

TEH Member News – February/March

There is a lot going on in February and March. Here are some news from our Members…

Bitamine Faktoria / Irun, Spain

TEH Member, Bitamine Faktoria, invites young artists from all over Europe to join the project team of Kontenporanea festival.

Kontenporanea is a contemporary art festival organised by and for the local artistic community. The project started in 2015 in collaboration with the City Council of Irun. It celebrates its fourth anniversary this year and will take place on 17-19 May.

The idea is that artists(between the age of 18 and 30) are responsible for the contents of the festival and its implementation. They do everything themselves from developing an idea to managing the project and communicating it to the wider audience. Each new edition of the festival is organised by a new project team (committee) that consists of several people with different backgrounds (arts, communication, cultural management, etc.). The committee works under the mentoring of the entire Bitamine Faktoria team. It’s a great opportunity for artists to learn more about project management and to get hands-on experience.

For more information about the project, please, contact Carlos Sánchez at komunika@bitamine.net.
Please, mind that this opportunity is for artists under 30.

Check out the video of the last year’s edition!

Brunnenpassage / Vienna, Austria

The project “Living Realities. Changing Perceptions” is coming to a close

The Creative Europe cooperation project “Living Realities. Changing Perceptions” of Brunnenpassage with Studio Alta Prague, Impact Hub Athens and Dschungel Vienna is coming to a close, after two intensive and inspiring years.

Check out a preview of the short film about this transnational venture.
The final version will be available next month.

All activities and information are presented on the project’s blog.

“Living Realities. Changing Perceptions” is a sociopolitical, transdisciplinary art project that focuses on the contemporary living realities of people who had to flee their home country.
More information about the project can be found here.

Bakelit Multi Art Center / Budapest, Hungary

Agri+Culture Camp on the shores of Lake Balaton

Physical work is sexy, especially in the countryside and for the sake of art and creativity. Bakelit Multi Art Center is organising an “Agri+Culture Camp” between 23-29 April that offers painting and ceramic courses in exchange for assistance in gardening tasks. They are looking for 14 motivated, nature and art lovers from around the world to give them a hand and share an active and creative springtime at the shores of the beautiful Lake Balaton.

Bakelit Multi Art Center will cover travel costs from Budapest to Balaton and back (travel to and from Hungary is not included) and accommodation at Zánka base (including meals and transportation during the week).

Deadline for applications: 17 March 2019. Mind, that the camp will only take place if there are at least 8 applicants.
To apply, send your application with a short introduction to international@bmac.hu.
In the subject line state: Application Agri-Culture Camp at Balaton.

More information about the Camp can be found here.

Hablarenarte / Madrid, Spain

Call for three production residences

Hablarenarte, in the framework of the programme The New Dictionary of Old Ideas, opens a call for three production residencies with a duration of 3 months each (from June to August 2019). The leading theme of The New Dictionary of Old Ideas is Central Europe. The aim of the project is to work around the topic in light of the current cultural and political situation in Europe. The residencies will result in a touring exhibition to take place in 2020.

This call is aimed at artists who work and live in Spain.

Deadline for sending applications: 14 February 2019.
Read more about the call here.




Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde / Bagneux, France

Piano sur le fil goes on tour in France and Europe in 2019!

The piano virtuous Bachar Mar Khalifé and six circus artists come together for a unique show mixing music and circus. While Bachar plays his original songs, the six other artists react back with their dance and acrobatic movements. The music and bodies create a magical duo.

Upcoming shows:

16 March, Brussels at Les Halles de Schaerbeek
19 March, Maubeuge at Le Manège
10-11 May, Paris at Philarmonie at Cité de la musique
14-15 May, Vélizy-Villacoublay at L’Onde

More information can be found here.




PPCM is hosting “La Main de la Mer” show on 21-22 February

A powerful and poetic show, a journey throughout the Caribbean memories by dance and circus with 7 performers. In an extreme physical engagement, 4 Caribbean dancers and 3 circus artists make us travel to different ages, from 1640 to 2019.

This show is supported by Interreg EU and was created in the framework of “PACAM” (Passeport Caraïbes Amazonie Danse et Cirque), a project in partnership with Métis’Gwa (Guadeloupe), Touka Danses.

More information about the show can be found here.

Kanepes Kulturas Centrs / Riga, Latvia

Festival Kometa in Riga on 26-28 July

Kometa is a cosmic culture festival, taking place in Daugavgriva fortress, Riga, Latvia. Social, passionate and mythical experience where music, art and people are in harmony with nature. It combines live music from various corners of the Earth and DJ sets with contemporary circus, cinema, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and performances. The festival invites to practice freedom to think, choose, connect, create and participate. It is not just a festival – it’s a ritual of freedom, a comet for travelling the earth and dreaming of a new world.

More information about the festival can be found here.

Photo credits:

Brunnenpassage – Zuzana Ernst. Kometa Festival / Kanepes Kulturas Centrs – Liene Jurgelāne.
Piano sur le fil – Photo Club Bagneux. La Main de La Mer © Fées rue d_art.


International Resource Office at Trans Europe Halles – Lund, Sweden

Trans Europe Halles is looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic project manager (0,8 FTE) to join our international team in Lund, Sweden. The manager will facilitate the capacity development and take the lead in the execution of the International Resource Office (IRO), a project granted by the Region of Skåne that TEH coordinates. The project manager will report to the managing director and works closely together with finances and communications, with Skåne based cultural and public players and with all Trans Europe Halles team members.

Submit your application today and join us in Lund from 1 March 2019 till 31 December 2019.


Execution of our Skåne project “International Resource Office” with cultural stakeholders in the cultural sector over Skåne in connection with European players, including the reporting procedures already in place and the production of the relevant documentation.

You connect and liaise.

You build the capacity of Skåne cultural players to apply for EU-funding programmes (Creative Europe, H2020, Interreg, Erasmus+) in order to increase the number of applications in the region.

You are knowledgeable about EU-project funding mechanisms and their application procedures.

You will co-create the strategic and conceptual planning of the project with TEH team.

You work closely with all regional partners, and beyond those, within Europe and assure the smooth process and progress of the project.

You work closely together with the finance, community & communication manager and TEH-team to achieve all outputs.

You will be actively involved in most of Trans Europe Halles’ funding applications.


Project reporting and application

  • Document all the activities related to the programme, collect data and information and produce content to be used in online publications throughout the whole project
  • Write applications and activity reports to funders and stakeholders. This entails funding applications and reports to Lunds Kommun, Region Skåne, Kulturrådet, Nordic Council, Swedish Institution, Creative Europe and Erasmus+

Project Planning

  • Co-design the International Resource Office project with TEH team, with cultural operators within Skåne and with the expertise within TEH network
  • Develop formats, work with target groups, selecting trainers, consultants, and participants
  • Event and activity planning to build capacities in the region.

Project Implementation

  • Ensure that the delivery of the project’s activities meet TEH’s quality standards and that they contribute to the long-term development strategy of Trans Europe Halles
  • Connecting with cultural stakeholders and identifying their needs
  • Work in collaboration with the community and communications manager to brand and market the different events and training during the project
  • Coordinate and oversee the work of the external consultants involved in the project activities
  • Monitor the costs of the project in collaboration with the Financial Manager.


  • Strategic thinking and a hands-on attitude
  • Language skills: the more, the better! But for this time are we looking for a Swedish native speaker with high professional fluency in English. Other European languages are an asset
  • You are an excellent stakeholder manager, liaising between different partners in the region and over Europe. You are able to (inter)connect independent cultural organisations with research institutions and with policymakers
  • You are a proactive thinker and an attentive listener
  • You believe in a sustainable world, a place with respect, spontaneity and connection
  • You are both a team player and are able to work autonomously, taking ownership of the project within the framework of Trans Europe Halles.


The position of project manager is 0,8 FTE on a gross salary of 22.400 SEK per month and is to start as soon as possible.

Submit your application via e-mail to jobs@teh.net, including:
1) Your CV in English.
2) Motivation letter in English (max. 1 page) describing how your experiences relate to what is required of the position.

Deadline for the applications: 24 February 2019 at midnight
Skype interviews: 1 March 2019
On-site interviews in our office in Lund are expected to take place between 4 and 7 March

For inquiries, contact Giorgio Berardi at giorgio@teh.net.

About IRO

In 2015 TEH was granted support from the Region of Skåne for a pilot project to set up the International Resource Office (IRO). IRO brings the regional and international spheres closer together for the benefit of creating a stronger culture sector in Skåne, connected to other European players.

The aim was two-fold:

1. To strengthen the internationalisation of the culture sector in Skåne, by helping the regionally active cultural actors reach out to and collaborate with European players.

2. To further establish TEH as an expert network of international collaboration based in Skåne. Trans Europe Halles is the only major international cultural network located in Scandinavia and its international operations have a positive spillover effect both locally and regionally.

In 2017 the grant was transformed into an operational grant. IRO argues for the glocal value of sharing knowledge and expertise with the culture sector at large, thus further establishing the network’s authority on international collaboration as well as its value as a gatekeeper of independent culture in Europe and beyond. In the long-term IRO is a prototype of how knowledge contained in the network can be used to building partnerships with other cultural actors and organisations, and to strengthen the presence of the network and its members regionally. The IRO project manager is the spill between the regional operations and the international outreach of TEH.
Read more here.

Trans Europe Halles

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a Europe based network of independent cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists with 109 members and associates in 33 countries.

TEH has been at the forefront of repurposing Europe’s industrial buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. Our mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of non-governmental cultural centres and encourage new initiatives by connecting, supporting and promoting them.

We facilitate international cooperation and provide opportunities for learning and sharing. To achieve this, we organise two international meetings every year, coordinate international projects, run professional development trainings, support members in times of troubles and actively influence cultural policies. For TEH, the power of culture is in inspirational, transformative experiences that have the capacity to change people, perceptions and societies.

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