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We are currently not accepting any new membership applications until further notice! The form “I’m interested in!” has been deactivated.  

Thank you for your understanding 🙂


Info about TEH Membership process

By joining us you will become part of a close-knit family of cultural centres from Aarhus to Zilina who support and empower each other. We will help you to find creative collaborations, learn from other members and become more resilient. The value of our network increases as the number and diversity of its members grows. The more members we have, the more we learn and the stronger we are.

As a member of the Trans Europe Halles network, you can:

  • attend our biannual meetings, which bring together hundreds of culture professionals from across Europe
  • get access to our internal groups. Receive our monthly newsletters and updates on the opportunities and news within the network
  • access all the fantastic resources we have collected and produced over the years to help expand your knowledge
  • take part in our capacity-building programme and travel opportunities
  • learn from other members across Europe – we’re experts in what we do and we’re happy to share our knowledge
  • start collaboration projects at EU level
  • find out about funding opportunities and EU grants
  • count on our advice and support at the most challenging times.

Want to join our network? Here are some basic guidelines:

  • you must be a European grassroots organisation – a non-profit but with a legal structure
  • you must be based in a repurposed building
  • you must have an autonomous, multidisciplinary social, artistic and cultural programme
  • you must support a democratic, pluralistic and equal society.

If you don’t meet all the requirements, but you share our values, you can always join our community as an Associate member and get involved with our work.


  • Step 1

    First, fill in the online contact form.

  • Step 2

    Fill in the application form that we send you.


  • Step 3

    Then book a Skype meeting with our community manager.

  • Step 4

    Attend one of our annual meetings.

  • Step 5

    A member of TEH or TEH staff member will visit your centre.

  • Step 6

    Present your centre to everyone at the next meeting.

  • Step 7

    Get your membership approved at the General Assembly.

  • Step 8

    Pay the membership fee (see information below) to enjoy all the benefits of being a member of our network.

Membership Fees

The membership fee is based on your organisation’s annual turnover, i.e. your total income per year: total of grants and subsidies + total income from activities such as ticket sales, catering services, renting of facilities, etc.

Membership Category

Organisation’s Annual Turnover

Yearly Fee

TEH Member

Less than 250.000€
250.000 – 500.000€
500.000 – 750.000€
750.000 – 1M€
1M – 1,25M€
1,25M – 2M€
More than 2M€


TEH Associate

Not applicable