Call for Hosts of the TEH Camp Meetings in October 2021/2022

A TEH Camp Meeting is a publicly accessible four-day event, open for cultural and creative professionals, mainly from TEH network. It provides the opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, practices and experience.

The Camp Meeting consists of several sessions initiated by TEH-member centres. The sessions stimulate peer-to-peer learning and focus on hands-on activities and sharing. The Camp Meeting includes an ‘action lab’ or ‘market space’ in which TEH-members and associates can pitch ideas, share projects and create international collaborations.

It includes an artistic programme that reflects the work of the host centre and is a way for participants to discover the local scene.

We now open a call for a host of the Trans Europe Halles Camp Meetings TEH 92 (in October 2021) and TEH 94 (in October 2022)!


  • Open to staff, collaborators and volunteers of members and associates of TEH network
  • Local and regional colleagues/ officials of the hosting centre can join the event
  • The content is co-organised and co-created by TEH members
  • A place for the peers to meet and share best practices from fellow organisations and to start cooperation for future international projects
  • A place to discuss and to decide on the future of the network
  • The opportunity for the participants to enhance their professional skills and to build more resilient cultural organisations
  • The ultimate opportunity to develop members’ international network
  • A rewarding opportunity for both the network and the local host centre

How are Camp Meetings organised

TEH Camp Meeting is a collaboration and co-creation between the TEH coordination office and an active and trustworthy member of the network. The concept and the program of the Camp Meeting reflect both local-regional issues and TEH member challenges.

The registration fee for the Camp Meeting must be affordable for TEH members and associates.

How to become a host

Want to host TEH Camp Meeting in October 2021 or in October 2022?
FILL IN THE FORM no later than 20 March 2019!


● To be an active member of the network (minimum of 2 years membership of TEH, with regular and active participation in meetings and conferences)

● To have the capacity and resources to organise an international four-day professional gathering between 100 to 175 participants. This includes:

  • Accessible venue and premises
  • Staff and volunteers
  • Finances and funding opportunities
  • Local, regional and national connections
  • To propose an interesting thematic and accurate formats


The host of the camp meeting must be prepared and equipped to finance the camp meeting without relying on financial support from TEH.


It’s important to remember that the benefits of the camp meeting are shared equally between the host, the members and TEH:

  • The host gets the opportunity to raise its international profile
  • The members gain new knowledge through innovative speeches and workshops
  • TEH maintains its reputation through the relevance of the programme and the quality of the organisation


Don’t hesitate to contact Michel Quéré for more information.

TEH Camp Meeting in Bagneux (2018) by André Rosenfeld
TEH Camo Meeting in Kyiv (2017) by Dima Sergeev and Valeriy Miloserdov

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