TEH Member News – December/January

Our Members would love to share with you some news…

AIR CCI Fabrika / Moscow, Russia

Contest for mid-career artists 

Air CCI Fabrika world like to invite professional artists working with various art forms to participate in their contest – “Fabrika Workshops”. This contest is designed for artists between the age of 35-50 to support them in their work. Winners would be able to use two studios at the centre for a year, put up a show at their exhibition space with financial support from Air CCI Fabrika or print out their graphic works using professional equipment of the centre.

Please, note that this contest is only applicable to those who can understand and speak Russian.

Deadline: 10 January. Winners will be announced on 31 January.
Want to take part? Then, please, write to art@fabrikacci.com.


Antic Teatre / Barcelona, Spain & Manifatture Knos / Lecce, Italy 

Antic Theatre and Manifatture Knos launch a collaboration project

Antic Teatre and Manifatture Knos, both members of the TEH network, come together to bring the show “Anarchy” by Sociedad Doctor Alonso to Italy. The show is a co-production of Antic Teatre and will be shown at Manufacture Knos on 15 December. The idea behind the collaboration is to promote performance practices from Catalonia and to learn about new practices in the host country. This project aims to increase cultural perspectives and spread new forms of creative expression.

For more information about the project read here.


Culturepolis / Corfu, Greece

Nationwide research survey on citizens and culture

The presentation of the findings of the nationwide research survey “Citizens for Culture_CitizenTalks” conducted by CulturePolis took place on 21 November at the Michalis Cacoyannis Institute.

The CulturePolis research team presented the objectives and key research findings of the survey. All the findings are based on the 1219 valid responses from the citizens from all over Greece. The presentation concluded with a number of proposals and issues raised by citizens regarding culture. Citizens asked for more cultural activities, more inclusiveness, more educational programmes and initiatives for youth. Over 90% of the participants declared that culture must be a priority and that it improves the quality of life.

The team put forward specific proposals for the further implementation of the research findings. They presented the concept an “Observatory of Culture – Creativity and Digital Innovation” and the initiative “ForCulture: Culture – Creativity – Cities- Citizens” that would offer cultural training and education for citizens.

For more information, please, contact Konstantina Karameri, Project Manager CulturePolis


Participants of TEH Startup Support Programme 2019

Korpus centre. Photo by Tanya Kapitanova, 34mag.net

TEH Startup Support Programme is tailored to assist emerging cultural and creative spaces to move to a sustainable future. This year we will be supporting three centres from Eastern Europe – Korpus (Minsk, Belarus), Kultura Medialna (Dnipro, Ukraine) and ReZavod 2.0 (Lviv, Ukraine) – to overcome their organisational challenges and move to their next level of development.

All centres will be offered expert consultations and coaching for the teams. They will have access to networking opportunities, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and inspirational case studies. The participants of the Programme are also encouraged to take part in TEH Capacity Building activities. Read more about TEH Startup Support Programme.


Minsk, Belarus

Korpus is an independent, open cultural space. It is located in the former electronics and home appliances factory ‘Horizont’. The centre strives to create conditions for development, exchange and interaction for the representatives of the cultural and creative sector, civil society and business. They are passionate and driven by the desire to bring social change. They believe in the potential of grassroots initiatives and ideas to reshape the city and create a new cultural history. Learn more about Korpus.

Kultura Medialna
Dnipro, Ukraine

Kultura Medialna uses the former residence of the Vice-Governor of Yekaterinoslav as their headquarters. The mission of the cultural centre is to promote contemporary art and facilitate social innovations in all different and diverse forms and expressions. The centre also supports and educates youth and the local community. It works hard to develop creative practice in urban space and strengthen international cultural cooperation within the region. Learn more about Kultura Medialna.

ReZavod 2.0
Lviv, Ukraine

Three years ago, three companies (a design bureau, an engineering studio and a recycling studio) rented premises at the old factory in Lviv (REMA) and began to develop around the space of interaction for representatives of the creative industries called “ReZavod”. At the moment, ReZavod is a space in which there are almost 80 different businesses and initiatives. Different trainings, parties, small events and large festivals take place here on the regular basis. However, the owners of the building are not interested in further development of the community. Therefore, the centre’s team found another old factory and an investor who was interested in opening the space ReZavod 2.0. The new space will be a place for creativity with the potential to gain international recognition. ReZavod’s team aims to bring together passionate people and form a creative community. Both residents and visitors will get a warm welcome and all the necessary tools to start a new wave of creation. Here they can easily imagine, explore and go beyond and above. Learn more about ReZavod 2.0.

*The Startup Support Programme is part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Hello, Balkan(s),

We, Trans Europe Halles members in the Balkan region, got together in Belgrade last year to form a working group. We called it, TEH Balkan Hub. The aim of this working group was exploring new ways of increasing regional cooperation among independent cultural actors beyond Trans Europe Halles in the Balkan region.

The first step was to launch a mapping to see how many we are out there in the region (See Mapping Balkans here). Our next step is having another meeting at Ambasada, Timisoara, Romania on 7-9 March 2019 to keep working on the regional cooperation and taking it to the next level, regional cooperation. Please SAVE THIS DATE and please note that the first day is ONLY for TEH members. You can register now in advance and we will contact you with more details.


Location: Ambasada, Timisoara
Date: 7-9 March 2019
Registration Fee: € 0


Coming soon… (24 January 2019)


AMBASADA is located in the former hats’ factory PALTIM, on Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu no. 5, with the main entrance from Anton Seiller Street no. 2.. Read more about AMBASADA


Timisoara is situated in the in the Western part of Romania, close to the Hungarian and Serbian borders. You can get quite easily to us.


We’ve listed several alternative routes for travelling to Timisoara. You can read more about them here


Travel and accommodation support for 12 people up till €200 is only available for TEH members for now. If you are not a TEH member, European Cultural Foundation and Prince Claus Fund have some mobility funding opportunities you can apply.

TEH Balkan Hub is one of the components of Trans Europe Halles’ project Factories of Imagination (2017-2021), co-funded by the Creative Europe of the European Union.


TEH Arts Education Seminar in Belfast

Beat Carnival Centre, Belfast, UK, 28-30 March 2019

Imagine, Create and Critique


How do we know our arts programmes result in significant benefits, giving children a great start in life and enabling people of all ages to thrive?

Beat Carnival is organising the 2nd Seminar of the TEH Arts Education Platform in Belfast, 28-30 March 2019, with additional options on Saturday 30th. Beat is a member of Trans Europe Halles network of independent cultural centres across Europe. This is the second annual seminar of a new TEH Arts Education Platform. During this time we will be sharing and examining arts access & engagement methodologies and considering the ways that we measure success and how to improve our practice. Read more about TEH Arts Education Platfrom here.

A number of sessions in the Platform’s Seminar programme are open to other interested practitioners and we are publicising these in association with the Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics. There is another ‘significant happening’ taking place at the end of March – and so we will have a ‘special something’ on Friday 29th night to mark the occasion of Brexit!


See full programme and download the Seminar’s schedule here.


The Seminar venues are in the neighbourhood where Beat Carnival is based: Beat Carnival Centre at the intersection of City-centre, North and West Belfast; and the nearby Spectrum Centre on the Shankill Road.


Check the organiser’s recommended hotels and, if you are a TEH Member, get information about our travel and accommodation support.


Please, apply as soon as possible – but latest on 18 January. 


For further details, contact our project coordinator Emelie Storm at es@rodastenkonsthall.se.


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to turn Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema – a cultural heritage building, home of Anibar International Animation Festival – into a vibrant cultural centre serving the needs of the community. 

Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema has played a significant role in the development of the city since its construction in 1955. It was key to the cultural life in the city with new film screenings, musical and theatre performances, and the meeting point for locals until its untimely abandonment in 1998. Then in 2001, with the assistance of foreign donations, the cinema was repaired and added as a historical monument under the National Culture Heritage list.

Anibar International Animation Festival – a key film festival in the region – made the cinema its home in 2015. The municipality of Peja awarded Anibar a 15-year lease in December 2016 for the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema. Anibar has served as devoted stewards of the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema and its cultural significance. Working with the municipality and other organizations to ensure that the Cinema remains Peja’s cultural centre. Anibar has revitalized the cinema as Peja’s cultural centre by hosting local cultural events, organizing concerts, and orchestrating film screenings.

Cinema for the city!

The next step in the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema revival is to restore its cinematographic functions. Anibar understands the importance of the cinema to the local community as well as the importance of retaining the collective memory and the identity of the cinema. That is why Anibar is starting the journey to crowdfund through Kosova Ideas. The amount collected through the campaign will help renovate the cinema, which includes basic infrastructural interventions and creating a space that could be better used and have multi-functionality. This campaign can provide the necessary assistance required to make the cinema an alternative place of film, art, culture and civil society by improving the social and cultural life of the citizens.



Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies


Trans Europe Halles has joined a consortium of well respected social and economic research institutes, cultural managers and creative workers from six European countries, led by the University of Turku (Finland), in a three year long research project intended to reshape the economic and social perception of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). The DISCE Project (acronym for Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies), funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Programme, aims to reassess the role of CCIs as contributors to growth, quality employment, competitiveness, and to the attractiveness and social cohesion of cities and regions across the EU.

Through a multidisciplinary qualitative and quantitative approach, DISCE will work to

• Develop more robust indicators of CCIs to facilitate a better and more comprehensive understanding of their performance and their contribution to economy and society, both at national and at EU level;

• Provide tools for a better understanding of career perspectives, challenges and training needs of current and future creative workers across creative sectors, including a mapping of high education in the matter;

Explore inequality and exclusion in the CCIs, with the objective of gaining deeper insights into barriers and getting a clearer insight into enablers of new business models, innovations, employment and growth;

• Promote a better understanding of both the labour markets and the entrepreneurship in CCIs, as well as the role of independent agents as a new disruptive force in their renewing in Europe;

• Provide a new framework through which to examine and support the role of the CCIs in processes of ‘inclusive and sustainable growth’, understood not only as a contribution to GDP but also as cultural development and human flourishing.

DISCE will build its interdisciplinary research on THREE PILLARS:

• Robust statistical analyses, mapping, and the development of new statistical indices;

• In-depth case studies in ten European regions;

• Active co-creation and interaction with stakeholders (academics, professionals, umbrella organisations, policy- and decision makers, etc.) to validate the relevance of the project and its policy outcomes and to guarantee long-term impact and sustainability.

Project Framework

The DISCE project is set to start in January 2019 for a period of 3 years. Its lead coordinator is the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship within the Turku School of Economics (TSE) of the University of Turku (UTU) from Finland. The other research members of the consortium are the King’s College London (KCL) from the United Kingdom, the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) from Italy, and the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in Riga Latvia. The consortium is completed with a Belgian based non-profit consultancy Culture and Media Agency Europe aisbl (CUMEDIAE) and the European network of non-governmental cultural centres based in Sweden Trans Europe Halles (TEH), who will together assume both the communications and the stakeholder engagement within the Cultural and Creative Industries.


For more information, please contact burak@teh.net
To receive updated information on the DISCE project, please register by sending an email to sthomas@culture-media.eu

TEH News Bulletin – November/December

Just a few updates from our Members…

Izolyatsia / Kyiv, Ukraine

Open Call for U.S. Based Artists Vol. 2

IZOLYATSIA with support from the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine is pleased to announce an Open Call for the American-based artists. The Open Call vol. 2 focuses on socially and politically engaged art practices, activism, urbanism, public art and community-based art. The preference goes to the artists who employ different media to investigate post-industrial regeneration, creative economy, complex social and political matters of migration and displacement, performative or participatory practices engaging with local communities, performance practice, interdisciplinary research.
The residency lasts a month period between October 2018 – September 2019.

Deadline: Application period is open now.
More information about the application process can be found here

The Institute for Environmental Solutions / Cesis, Latvia

Waste Art: Call for Artistic Works

The Institute for Environmental Solutions with partners from Latvia and Estonia announces the open call for artists, designers, architects and creators to apply for the creative campaign “NOT out of sight, NOT out of mind”. It is a creative information campaign that aims to increase public awareness of consumer material waste issues and resource efficiency in today’s society.

“NOT out of sight, NOT out of mind” will take the form of a travelling exhibition of 14 selected artworks/projects displayed in 6 different high visibility public locations (mostly outdoor) across northern Latvia and southern Estonia.

Submission deadline: Midnight (GMT+2) November 15th, 2018
More information and application can be found here.


CulturePolis / Corfu, Greece

Seminar: Managing Our Heritage with the Local Community

CulturePolis announces its first ForCulture initiative seminar on16-18 November in Delphi; a specialized seminar/training for advanced students in Humanities and Heritage studies, cultural professionals, local authorities representatives and more will take place focusing on involving local stakeholders in effective Cultural Policies and Cultural Heritage Management process.

More info here about the seminar here.
Read more about the initiative



Ifo Center / Bromolla, Sweden

Ifö Center offers artist-in-residence opportunities

Ifö Center is a new cultural centre based in an old ceramics factory at Lake Ivö in Bromölla, Sweden. It is run by a creative collective who are striving to turn the venue into a platform for creativity. Ifö Center can boast a vast range of facilities from a graphic print studio to woodworking machines and concrete mixers.

The centre happily welcomes artists, artisans and art school students from all over the world to do an artist residency at their venue setting up an art project. Residents will have free access to all the workshops and facilities, as well as financial support from the centre and accommodation. The centre also has a large local network and a volunteer group that can assist projects that might need extra hands.

There is no limit to what the project can be about as long as residents are motivated, independent and work well within the collective.

Deadline: Applications are received continuously and processed within approximately two weeks.
For more information about the application contact Teresa Holmberg Högsma, x567utopia@hotmail.com.

ZAWP / Bilbao, Spain


CREhAbana is a project initiated in 2015 by Tecnalia and the Oficina del Historiador de La Habana Vieja in the historical centre of Havana, Cuba. The project aims to strengthen internal processes of local development and transformation of the urban areas as a vector of economic growth and sustainable social transformation of the historical centre of the city. The contribution has been made through the implementation of a strategy to turn the historical centre of Havana into a creative city laboratory.

During the last 3 years, ZAWP has been collaborating with the project, sharing its experience and knowledge about the regeneration of abandoned spaces. It will travel to Havana in November to launch a new creative space in the city called Sarrá.

More information about the project can be found here.

Brunnenpassage / Vienna, Austria

Living Realities. Changing Perceptions

Brunnenpassage is a lead partner of international cooperation project, Living Realities. Changing Perceptions. It is a socio-political, transdisciplinary art project that brings into focus the living realities of people who have to flee from their home countries. The part of the project is a touring exhibition Stages of Flight that binds the project and its various partners together. Its main objective is to let immigrants tell their own story through the medium of photography and create an alternative narrative to the populist one shown in the media.

More information about the exhibition and its opening hours are here.

Associazione Culturale Oltre / Bologna, Italy

Artist-in-residence programme at Camere d’Aria

Camere d’Aria is inviting 5 artistic initiatives working in the field of stage production to do an artist residency. The call aims at individuals or theatre companies (up to 8 people) who would like to turn texts by contemporary authors into stage productions. The centre will provide accommodation, breakfast and facilities for a maximum of one week for artists to develop their projects that will be later presented to the local audience.

Deadline: 14 December
For application contact: cameredariainfo@gmail.com



L’hybride / Lille, France

Video Mapping Workshops 
March 2019, Lille France

As a part of the Video Mapping Festival #2, the association Rencontres Audiovisuelles invites students and emerging artists from the fields of video mapping, animation and video games for a series of workshops on video mapping in March 2019.

The creations made during the workshops will be later screened at the Opening Ceremony of the Video Mapping Festival in Lille, between 29-30 March 2019.

More information can be found here.

RICCI – Network of Italian cultural centres

Creation of the network of cultural centres across Italy (a.k.a. Italian TEH Hub)

At TEH Camp Meeting in Bagneux, seven Italian centres have decided to form a network of independent cultural centres – RICCI (Rete Italiana di Centri Culturali Indipendenti) that is also a new TEH Hub. The idea of the network was born out of the need to have a shared platform for mutual support, exchange and collaboration on a national level. The objective of the network is to promote the value of cultural and creative spaces initiated by citizens and artists. The member centres are Interzona, Maniffature Knos, Zo Centro Culture Contemporanee, Ateliersi, DOM and Associazione Culturale Oltre.
The first events of the network will be taking place simultaneously in Bologna, Lecce and Catania on 17 November 2018.

Roda Sten Konsthall / Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art

Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) is organized by Röda Sten Konsthall and takes place every two years in Gothenburg, Sweden. Started in 2001, it has established itself as one of Sweden’s biggest art events and a relevant art biennial for the Nordic region. For its 10th edition in 2019, the biennial will re-consider its format and extend beyond its implied temporality by inviting a curator, Lisa Rosendahl, to work with the two upcoming editions. Lisa’s extensive knowledge of the Nordic art scene, an informed international perspective and a context-specific approach will bring the biennial to a new level and closer to the local community.

GIBCA 2019 will run from September 7th to November 17th and will take place at Röda Sten Konsthall and collaborative arenas throughout the city of Gothenburg.

Learn more about the biennial.  

TEH Ambassador news

Annette Wolfsberger
The Re-Imagined Residency

Lighthouse’s programme strives to connect artistic practices across different disciplines and physical spaces. As part of our Re-Imagine Europe programme, we would like to welcome a duo comprising a visual artist and music or sound artist/practitioner (e.g. a DJ, music producer, sound artist, composer, performer, sound practitioner, or musician) to take part in a two-week residency at Lighthouse in Brighton. The residencies are an opportunity for artists, practitioners, producers and technologists to expand their practice and research and develop new ideas and methodologies.

Find more information about the application process here.

Startup Support Programme 2019 – CALL CLOSED

Trans Europe Halles is a network of people who believe that creativity, grass-roots initiatives and public activism can improve our lives and societies. We are striving to bring a positive change through the cultural revival of post-industrial neighbourhoods and its communities. We believe that our work matters and that it reinforces the future development of independent cultural and creative spaces in Europe.

We have always been supporting those who dare, who are curious and who have imagination. In light of the current situation in Europe, this support is especially crucial. With this idea in mind, we launched the Startup Support Programme last year. This programme is addressing to socially engaged NGOs  that are developing emerging cultural and creative spaces in repurposed buildings.

Within the Startup Support Programme, we carefully look at the challenges each project is having and set up a tailor-made scheme to move towards a sustainable future. This year we will focus on Eastern Partnership countries, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova, that have the potential for many inspiring cultural centres and creative hubs.

What is a Startup?

In our vision, a startup is a civic initiative that is situated in a re-purposed industrial building with a focus on creativity, arts and culture along with a Do-It-Yourself / Do-It-Together (DIY/DIT) approach. It is still in its preliminary-phase, but is already self-sufficient (either economically or due to people’s dedication), though not yet sustainable.

What has been done within the programme so far?

What does the Startup Support Programme do?

From 2017 to 2021, the Startup Support Programme is investing in bringing emerging cultural and creative spaces to their next level of development through:

  • – Expert consultation and coaching for their teams.
  • – Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing involving other emerging spaces in our network.
  • – Networking activities during our Conferences and Meetings
  • – Access to TEH Capacity Building Programme and activities. Check out our Capacity Building Programme
  • – Inspirational case studies of spaces in the startup phase.

For the second edition, we are looking for three emerging cultural and creative spaces from the Eastern Partnership region to take part in the programme. The program will run until July.

Eligible countries are Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

You can apply for this programme if:

  • – You are not a TEH Member or Associate yet.
  • – You are located in one of the three eligible countries mentioned above.
  • – You are legally established as an organisation.
  • – You are repurposing a building for creative, cultural and artistic uses.
  • – You have a legal agreement – or you are in negotiation – with the owner of the building about its future use.
  • – Your organisation has been operating inside the building for less than two years, or you are planning to work in it in 2019.

We are offering the following:

  • – A scoping visit of two international experts, who have founded and run their own cultural and creative spaces. This visit aims to become familiar with your work and define what will be the best way to collaborate with Trans Europe Halles. After the scoping visit, a group of peers will work with you to address your main challenges. According to your needs, the outcomes will vary among developing a strategic plan, working on your organisational model, planning of renovating your building and community development.
  • – Situation analysis and organisational diagnosis.
  • – Coaching from TEH peers until July 2019, including a tailor-made workshop at your centre.
  • – Your case to be included in a publication about the programme.
  • – Access to a vibrant community of like-minded organisations in Europe.
  • – Become a TEH Associate for two years.

How does the selection process work?

Your application will be evaluated immediately after the call is closed by the programme’s Selection Committee. It includes five international experts selected among our member centres, our Executive Committee and the staff of our Coordination Office. We will announce the results a couple of days after the call is closed.

What do you commit to if you are selected?

If your cultural centre is one of the three lucky ones selected for this first edition of the programme, you commit to:

  • – Actively participate in the programme.
  • – Pay a participation fee of 300€. (Which covers two years of TEH associate membership fee, participation in the full program mentioned above.)
  • – Present your work to TEH members during TEH Conference in Dresden (DE), 16-19 May 2019.
  • – Deliver a written report about the process, including visual documentation.

How can you apply?

If you wish to apply on behalf of your organisation, submit your online application before Tuesday 13th November 2018 at 23:59 Central European Time.

If you have questions or need help with your application, contact our Capacity Building Director Michel Quéré at michel@teh.net.

The Startup Support Programme is part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Balkans! Here, we are!

Hello Balkan(s),

We want to know more about creative and cultural spaces in the Balkan Region so that we can support cooperation, exchange and program development between creative and cultural spaces in the region. Therefore, we are launching a mapping!

The mapping will provide a framework and create conditions for further cooperation and development, as well as the implementation of collaborative projects and empower the actors that contribute to the development of cultural policies in the region. Eventually, we hope to establish a subnetwork, TEH Balkan, which will serve as a synergy mechanism of cooperation, exchange and program development. TEH Balkan, as a regional TEH hub, is a part of Factories of Imagination project, funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commision.

We prepared a survey for our mapping that only takes 10 minutes to fill in. All the information collected by this survey will be used to create an interactive online map.


Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey


If you want to know more about TEH Balkan sub-network contact Irena Boljunčić Gracin at savezudrugarojca@gmail.com and Lana Gunjić at asocijacija.nkss@gmail.com


We are looking for a finance manager – CALL CLOSED

FINANCE MANAGER at Trans Europe Halles – Lund, Sweden

Trans Europe Halles is looking for a Finance Manager to join our international team in Lund, Sweden. The Finance Manager will take the lead in the accounting, administration and reporting of the EU-funded project “Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities”, a project that was recently granted to Trans Europe Halles by EAC. The Finance Manager will closely collaborate with the project manager and the communication’s manager of the granted project, and with the Trans Europe Halles team members.

Submit your application today and join us in Lund from 1 November 2018 for 28 months.

Trans Europe Halles

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) (www.teh.net) is a Europe based network of independent cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists with 102 members and associates in 33 countries.

TEH has been at the forefront of repurposing Europe’s industrial buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. Our mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of non-governmental cultural centers and encourage new initiatives by connecting, supporting and promoting them.

We facilitate international cooperation and provide opportunities for learning and sharing. To achieve this, we organise two international meetings every year, coordinate international projects, run professional development trainings, support members in times of troubles and actively influence cultural policies.

For TEH, the power of culture is in inspirational, transformative experiences that have the capacity to change people, perceptions and societies. Recently, TEH was awarded the execution of the European project ‘Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities’ (see project description). For this, we are now looking for a Finance Manager.

Job Description
The role of the Finance Manager is to:

• Take the lead in the accounting, administration and reporting of the EU-funded project “Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities”.

• Work closely together with the project manager and 11 partners within Europe and assure the smooth process of the projects’ finances.

• Provide support to the Finance and Administration Manager from the financial and administrative perspective of projects involving Trans Europe Halles and its overall organisational activity.

• Be responsible for the implementation of reporting procedures already in place and the production of the relevant documentation.

• Collaborate with the Finance and Administration Manager in the continuous improvement of internal policies and systems, with a specific focus on finance and administration.

Main Areas of Responsibilities

Financial management:

– Contributing to the management and improvement of the financial and administrative system in place at Trans Europe Halles, with an eye for the specific needs and features of the organisation.

– Control of income, cash flow and expenditure of the project ‘Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities’ in relation to budgets.

– Invoicing, cost accounting, payment of bills.

– Production of financial reports.


– Continuously testing and suggesting improvements for organisational procedures.
- Purchasing and monitoring the inventory of office supplies.

General office management:

– Contributing to strategic analysis and planning together with the rest of the team.

– Organising and supervising office maintenance and services.

Experience, Skills and Abilities

• At least 3 years’ professional experience as finance and administration manager.

• Experience in financial reporting to public funders, including especially the European Commission (Culture Programme, preferably).

• Familiarity with Sweden’s statutory legislation and financial regulations, with particular reference to not-for-profit organisations (ideella organisationer).

• Experience in working with international projects and in an international team and environment.

• Good command of English on a professional level, with Swedish strongly preferred.

• Work experience in cultural and social non-profits highly preferred.

Application procedure

Submit your application via e-mail to jobs@teh.net, including:
1) Your CV;
2) Motivation letter (max. 1 page) describing how your experiences relate to what is required of the position.
Deadline for applications: 17 August 2018 at midnight.
Skype interviews: 23 and 24 August.
On-site interviews are expected to take place between September 10th and 14th.
For inquiries, contact: Giorgio Berardi at giorgio@teh.net

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