Our expertise covers a wide range of areas: Strategic consulting, financial planning, project management, capacity building and training, marketing and communications, facilitation, research, etc. These are the services that we offer:

Strategic consultancy
As the complexity of the cultural sector increases due to factors such as internationalization, the scarcity of resources and the emergency of new technologies, many cultural organisations are facing new challenges in a changing environment. That is why having a sound strategic approach to your work is more critical than ever.

Our consultants can help you organize and implement a direction for your organisation or institution and help you plan and allocate your resources to pursue the strategy that will allow you to deliver your mission and reach your goals.

Moreover, we know that emergent cultural organisations and joint ventures between civil society and public administration – in which many different stakeholders and interests are involved – often struggle to find the right governance and management structure. We have have experience in this area as well and can help you design the most appropriate model for your organisation or consortium.

Feasibility and business plans
We all are passionate about the arts and more often than not, we let that passion drive us even when high risks are involved. However large financial and time investments need certain assumptions to be systematically validated. Feasibility studies and business plans help you to evaluate the potential for success of your project and to formulate steps towards achieving the goals.

Our consultants have in-depth experience in conducting feasibility studies for cultural organisations and will support your efforts to make your idea come true. Let us help you create a solid plan for the future of your organisation and community.

Facilitation of participatory processes
Processes and outcomes greatly depend on good facilitation. Our process leaders and facilitators listen to your needs, design and implement facilitation within your team and organisation, as well as with your communities and key stakeholders.

In the public sector designing public policies is not an easy task, and the role of citizens and their participation is key to building the new democratic system of our time. Therefore, public agencies need to effectively engage citizens through reshaping the participation infrastructures and we strongly believe that a joint effort between civil society, public administration and the private sector will build a robust and sustainable future for culture in Europe.

We utilize a wide range of facilitation models such as brainstorming, scenario planning, open space technology, etc. to meet the needs of your project at every stage of development.

International project management
Every successful project starts with a good idea and a vision of what you want to achieve. However the art of realising this idea relies very much on project management skills and leadership and as the complexity grows, so does the great potential of the project when you are working in an international context and with numerous partners. At Trans Europe Halles we have initiated and managed more than 20 large international projects, many of which have been funded by the European Commission. We can help you to shape the project idea, identify international partners, make a fundraising plan and support you in writing EU grant applications.

International study visits
Every cultural centre and organisation is unique. Each one has its own approach, experience and success factors. Depending on your interests, circumstances, challenges and opportunities we can select examples of existing centres in almost all countries of Europe for you to visit and learn from. Let us be your inspirational partner.

Tailored trainings
With more 30 years of experience, we can help you to create state-of-the-art training programs that are adapted to the needs of your team and organisation. Training and workshops can be customized to public organisations, cultural organisations, community groups or businesses at the local, national and international level.

Conferences and events
Trans Europe Halles is well-known for its international meetings and conferences. We have experience of designing and managing international conferences, festivals, seminars, outdoor events, etc. Our consultants can step during any stage of the planning and all the way to the execution. We can provide you with a wide range of speakers and workshop leaders that will thrill your audience and create the right vibe for your event.

Do you know exactly how your organization is performing? Do you know what the impact of your activity actually is? Would you like to deepen your knowledge in specific areas of your work or niche? We can assist you with your research needs so you can continue delivering your activity, meet your goals and take the best strategical decisions for your organization.

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