Duct Tape and Dreams Kick-Off

The DUCT TAPE AND DREAMS programme is ready for its kick-off !

Meet this year participants and mentors! Embarking on a nine-month developmental journey, they will learn necessary tools and expertise to build a sustainable future in the independent cultural sector.


Cotranspose – Orestiada, Greece

Objekt 4000 – Linda, Germany

Shadows and clouds Theater – Skopje, Macedonia

Ziemniaki I – Warsaw, Poland


Fariba Mosleh // Curator and Cultural Manager

Fariba currently works as a curator for performative and visual arts as well as international projects at Brunnenpassage Vienna.

Hugo Laporte Dietür // Artist and Musician

Hugo is working in different fields crossed by an “Alter-Archeology” theoretical approach. In 2021, he founded and opened a centre in Noisy-Le-Sec called L’Aconservatoire.

The Philippe Grombeer Award

Participants will get a chance to win the Philippe Grombeer award, launched collaboratively with Les Halles de Schaerbeek. As we are turning 40 years old, we are commemorating our wonderful founder by offering this award to a young emerging cultural collective. Philippe Grombeer defined himself as “a cultural transmitter, a spur to cultural action”. He possessed a rare gift in spotting and promoting young creative troupes.



Published on May 22, 2023