Factories of Imagination Training Day

ZAWP, Bilbao, Spain
Wednesday 23 May 2018

On Wednesday 23 May – one day before the TEH Conference 85 –  you will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on training day on business models and organisational development with some Spanish specialists.

Early Bird Registration: Open only for TEH members and associates until 16 April. Information about the regular registration will be available after that date. Each workshop is limited to 20 participants. The participants will be able to attend one of the two workshops. The workshops will be in English.

Disrupting business models through blockchain technology

Workshop Leader: Antonio Tenorio-Fornés
Duration: 4 hours (14.00-18.00)

Everybody seems to be talking about blockchain nowadays. This new technology promises the decentralisation and disintermediation of many sectors and industries. Have you ever thought how blockchain could be integrated into your organisation’s business model?

Blockchain was first introduced with bitcoin, the first decentralised currency. But its potential is not only applicable in the Financial sector. In fact, blockchain will drive many innovations enabling the redistribution of value and the democratisation of communities in the coming years.

This participatory workshop will introduce participants to potential business models for non-profit and self-managed cultural centres. During 4 hours, participants will get inspired by real examples of how to use blockchain technology; identify who creates value for their organisations; imagine new business models for their organisations using blockchain; and bring back home a participatory methodology to design communities from the inside.

Antonio Tenorio-Fornés is a free software developer and researcher. He holds a five-year degree and a master of Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He is developing a PhD project that aims to provide decentralised governance tools for Commons-Based Peer Production communities. He is currently collaborating with P2Pmodels.eu research project, that aims to provide blockchain based decentralised governance and value redistribution tools for the Collaborative Economy communities.


Organisational development using “Action-Read” methodology

Workshop Leaders: Rosa Fernández and Itziar Zorita (ColaBoraBora Koop)
Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes (14.00-18.30)

“Action-Read” is a tool, a game, a methodology to facilitate and improve co-creation. It is an adaptation-hybridisation of the “Composition in Real Time” method, created by dancer and researcher Joao Fiadeiro. The methodology is originated in contemporary dance and improvisation. But it aims to integrate other spheres such as cultural, social, technological and scientific to favour cooperative processes.

Participants will be introduced to and trained in “Action-Read” through theoretical presentations, practical exercises and games. They will have the occasion to share their particular situations and use specific tools to navigate their individual, collective and organisational challenges. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to apply “Action-Read” to share ideas and search for solutions to common issues.

Itziar Zorita Agirre holds a PhD in Fine Arts by the University of Barcelona. She carries out her work in the fields of the creation, production and communication of cultural projects. She has worked for Consonni, liquidDocs, CCCB, Donostia/San Sebastian 2016 and Tabakalera. During the workshop, she will be running the theoretical and practical parts.




Rosa Fernández is a co-founder of ColaBoraBora Koop and an associate professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Management at the University of the Basque Country. She has designed and coordinated several innovative projects of social and cultural transformation. In the last four years, Rosa has also been trained in Contact Improvisation. As a workshop leader, she will be in charge of the working groups and methodologies.




Regular registration
Until 13 May (why not later?)

TEH Members: 30€
TEH Associates: 40€
Conference Participants & Others: 60€


If you have any questions about this event, please contact us:

Michel Quéré
Capacity Building Director
Trans Europe Halles (TEH)


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