Personal and Group Leadership Workshop

“The most important for us is that participants have a desire to achieve something with their community or organisation; they must be people who want to make a difference, bring about change”

At Trans Europe Halles, we truly believe that leadership belongs to everyone within a community or organisation. For us, leadership is creating ownership, working through one’s values, raising above polarisation, and listening to each other.

Leadership starts with yourself. Listening to your inner-self, your intrinsic values, your gut feeling, and your emotions is crucial to enhance your leadership awareness and skills.

We also believe that skillfully managed conflicts and differences can build a firmer understanding, a broader vision, and a deeper trust among people. By grounding our experience of “wholeness”, we make space for growth within our body.

This programme is here for you to meet, in company of other like-minded leaders, new ways of exploring old themes that are important for us, professionals in the cultural sector. So you can find the strength and means to carry others along with you.

Instead of focusing on the management elements of leadership, we choose to offer five days spent on the core elements of encountering and enabling self and other.


Who should attend

Arts and cultural professionals willing to develop their leadership skills through empathy, courage and clarity in their dealings with themselves and others. Seats are limited to 16 people.


What you can expect

Through this workshop, you will get and develop:

– Tools and practices that help you increase your presence, confidence, compassion and sense of humour as you deal with organisational or personal change.Insight into your personal reactive patterns and limiting assumptions.
– Learn approaches to synchronizing the body’s energy with what is being said, bringing unity and clarity into action.

– Increased capacity to live with paradox and the tension between opposites.

– Ways to access the bigger picture, your creativity and sense of value when under pressure.

– Ways to speak your truth to resistance with power and clarity, with empathy not aggression.

– A way to recover balance and clarity when faced with personal, moral, business, and political dilemmas.

How you will learn

Each day has a pattern which allows us to include wellbeing, presence and reflection as the elements which frame the explorations and discoveries of the main two sessions of the day.

Thursday is devoted to systemic constellations. A constellation is a very powerful method to recognise, acknowledge and let go of entanglements in your life, work, family and relationships. It is a therapeutic group session in which each participant brings in a question on which she would like to get some clarity.

To wrap up the day’s work there is an hour for reflection before breaking for dinner.


How the experience looks like

Who will guide you in your learning journey

Chrissie Poulter

Theatre maker, director, writer and teacher, Chrissie lives in Ireland and Yorkshire. She has been lecturing in theatre at Trinity College Dublin since 1990 as well as doing creative projects throughout the island and abroad.She specialises in using theatre as a way for people to engage with each other, through creative communication workshops and mentoring/coaching work with individuals and groups. Guardianship in group work is her particular passion.


Lia Verrees

Lia is a graduate of the Hellinger Institute in the Netherlands and a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School in Miami. She has trained and worked with the very best in human management and brings more than 20 years of experience in healing, coaching and systemic work.Although she is very clear and articulate in her teachings, her workshops are never mental concepts but rather words that seem to go straight to your soul and open up the feelings.


Quentin de Pret

With his European business administration master in the pocket, Quentin had the opportunity to work in Thailand and India where he developed broad knowledge in the fields of sustainability, social business models, personal development, coaching, creative thinking, collective intelligence and much more.He is active within different organisations around societal changes, personal growth, to accompany transformation at individual, team and organisational level.


Sigrid Niemer

Our host Sigrid is a founding member of the International Culture Centre ufaFabrik in Berlin, where she is still working in the area of communication and management. She has been for long (since 1988) an active delegate in the TEH network, for example as a member of the Executive Committee, of the think tank sustainability and leader of the first staff exchange and mentoring programmes.



Basic information

Dates: 9-14 July 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany
Venue: ufaFabrik
Length: 5 days
This workshop has limited capacity: 16 participants max.


Admission fees

Registration fee
TEH Members and Associates: 800€
Other participants: 1.200€


The fee includes:

– Workshop registration

– Accommodation at ufaFabrik for 5 nights

– Lunches, dinners and healthy snacks during the whole programme

–  Two aftermath individual coaching sessions

– One day and a half of systemic constellation

– Tools for leadership

– Daily sessions of Tai-chi, Chi-Qong and other embodied practices

– Follow-up materials


If you have questions or need help with your registration, contact our Capacity Building Director Michel Quéré at

The Leadership Summer Camp 2018 is part of the project Factories of Imagination, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


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