SODAS 2123

SODAS 2123 cultural centre is an independent self-governed, community-based space, operated and curated by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association. It brings together creators and researchers from different fields, with practices based on experimentation, developing unexpected formats and responding to the latest cultural, social, geopolitical and ecological issues. Situated in a repurposed school building and located in central Vilnius, it hosts over 60 artists’ studios, rehearsing studios for bands, offices for design, film and visual arts organisations, exhibition spaces, event spaces, various workshops, a cafe, a public outdoor garden space, a public allotment, and more. SODAS 2123 provides affordable space for a variety of art and cultural disciplines since its opening in 2020, encouraging sharing, craftsmanship and collaboration. The public outdoor spaces and internal spaces of SODAS 2123 are developed following the principles of upcycling the urban, cultural memory and material objects of Vilnius city, which are particularly relevant and necessary in the face of the deepening ecological crisis.



Vilnius, Lithuania


  • Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300), Outdoor stage, Small Theatre (audience capacity: less than 200), Art Gallery, Meeting Room, Workshop room, Artists Studio, Music Recording Studio, Multimedia or Audiovisual Studio, Library, Artistic Residency Accommodation, Café / Bar, Community Areas, Courtyard, Garden

  • Research, Production, Exhibition and Programming, Education and Training

  • Music, Theatre / Performance, Dance, Visual Arts, Multimedia and interactive Arts, Film, Crafts, Literature, Publishing, Architecture and Urbanism, Art residencies, Education, Community and Relational Arts, Democratic and civil society development, Ecology and Sustainability, Gastronomy, Entrepreneurship, Science

  • Education Building