Arts Printing House

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Arts Printing House aims to create the first space in Lithuania easily accessible for independent, non-governmental organizations and short-term project groups aiming to develop and introduce new performing arts projects. The centre prioritises piloting alternative performing arts projects with low budgets. The Arts Printing House is also developing a universal contemporary performing arts centre for practical and theoretical activities while also serving the function of accumulating and disseminating information on Lithuanian and foreign contemporary performing arts. The centre is home to several temporary and permanent residents, giving them sincere support and a place to work while creating an area for artists from different places with different ideas, all with the goal to create and express themselves.

Programs for supporting emerging artists, circus, artists in residency, educational programs, theatre performances, dance performances, film screenings, festivals, live music.

Former use of the building: Printing house since 1600’s
Year of opening as a cultural center: 2009

Arts Printing House
Siltadarzio g. 6, LT – 01124 Vilnius | | +3705 2 040832
TEH Delegate: Gabrielė Ivanauskaitė,

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