Atelier Si

Bologna, Italy

Atelier Sì is an independent cultural centre curated by Ateliersi, an artistic production collective operating in the field of theatre and performing arts. Atelier Sì is the group’s headquarters, a gallery for experimentation and production and a public space that hosts artists and features works offering a combination of reflective and aesthetic experiences.

Atelier Sì works to build a world composed of open communities connected through cultural languages and art. Through this, performing arts are put in dialogue with anthropology, literature, musical production and visual arts; the main idea being that art is a public good and should be reflected and debated upon as well as expressed aesthetically.

Performing arts (performances, residences), visual art (installations, performances, residencies), sound art (concerts, DJ sets), participatory art, discourse and writing (talks, lectures, readings).

Former use of the building: Monastery
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2014

Atelier Sì
Via San Vitale 69, 40125 Bologna, Italy  | | +39 3290898741
Andrea Mochi Sismondi,

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