Vienna, Austria

Brunnenpassage was founded in 2007, defining itself as a lab and space for the practice of trans-cultural and participatory art. It offers a program of contemporary art in a number of forms, such as dance, music and theatre. All events are free to the public.

Each year the venue hosts more than 400 events, which are characterized by their emphasis on participation. Brunnenpassgage is additionally situated in the heart of a local street market, making the locale inviting to the local population.

With the priority and belief of maintaining high artistic standards as an optimal route of creating dialogue between groups with otherwise little or no relationship to each other, Brunnenpassage provides tangible proof of the fact that cultural diversity can create enrichment of Vienna’s society.

Brunnenpassage also co-operates with larger cultural institutions in the area, such as Konzerthaus Wien, Burgtheater, and the Weltmuseum, and the artistic quality and the political goals of the centre combine to create new collective spaces for a heterogeneous audience, offering authentic and self-defined co-operation for participation beyond usual definitions and possibilities.

A varied program of dance, music, singing, theatre, film, art exhibitions and community gatherings. The format ranges from workshops to performances, screenings, guest events and festivals.

Former use of the building: Market hall, situated at Brunnenmarkt in Vienna’s 16th district.

Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2007

Brunnengasse 71/Yppenplatz
1160 Wien
Telefon: +431/890 60 41
Fax: +431/890 60 41 50
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