CCI Fabrika

Moscow, Russia

The Center for Creative Industries (CCI) Fabrika is a multidisciplinary cultural centre founded in 2005 as a part of PROEKT_FABRIKA in the premises of the Technical Paper Factory “October”. The factory is situated on the edge of Moscow’s historical centre and was taken over by private actors in the mid-1990’s. The centre is divided into three functional areas: production spaces; business offices (several businesses rent office space from the Factory); and art cluster (noncommercial organizations and art spaces).

CCI Fabrika is now a well-known, independent, nonprofit contemporary visual art and creative industries hub. Its vast exhibition venues constantly stage different cultural events and it is an ideal space for the scientific and practical research of Moscow’s art systems, approaches, management and environment.

The CCI Fabrika premises are home to more than 700 square metres of exhibition space and international residencies. An additional 1000 square metres are used to stage a range of diverse cultural and social events such as dance, theatre and music concerts. Originally designed to present a program of collective exhibitions, the project is now committed to promoting cultural and intellectual diversity through the presentation of international contemporary art and culture.

CCI Fabrika is devoted to inspiring thought and creativity whilst simultaneously stimulating public curiosity about contemporary art – thereby contributing towards development of the cultural identity of 21st century Moscow. Its focus is on supporting young emerging artists, creating new a cultural landscape and developing socially engaged projects.

CCI Fabrika has its own international “Artists in Residence” program and regularly invites artists, curators, art historians, etc. from around the world. For more information, please contact

Visual art/exhibitions, film screenings, programmes for supporting emerging artists, festivals, live music, discussions/lectures, artists in residency, educational programmes, theatre performances, dance performances.

Former use of the building: Technical paper factory
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2005

CCI Fabrika
Perevedenovsky per.18, RU-105082 Moskow | | T +7(499) 265 39 26
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