Athens, Greece

Communitism is located in Metaxourgeio neighbourhood of Athens. The centre aims to revive abandoned cultural heritage buildings in Athens through the collaboration and motivation of existing community structures. Communitism focuses on creating a methodology and support network for future teams reviving similar scenarios with cultural heritage buildings. Activities consist of a studio workspace (Perspectives) for refugee artists hosting classes, workshops and exhibitions, a cinema (Balkan Can Kino) for a weekly collective filmmaking/cinema screening and discussion program, a gallery (Meme) and rehearsal/performance space (Plano) used for movement based projects and a free shop (Zoristirio) for providing clothes, shoes and blankets mainly to refugees and homeless while encouraging anti-consumer and zero waste mindset. Communitism is among three selected cultural centres for the Startup Support Programme 2018.

We are an associate of Trans Europe Halles (TEH) because we are inspired by TEH’s 35 years of experience and that TEH is offering support in the form of networks, sharing, exchange of knowledge and sharing skills. We believe in long-term relationships of trust and collaboration rather than in unstable or speculative economic/monetary relationships. We are looking for collaborators, for socially engaged synergies to enhance our experience in collective work. We are especially interested in working with those who are building capacity and have developed strategies for new ways of collaborating.

Former use of the building: Textile factory
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2015

Kerimikou 28, Athens, Greece
TEH Contact: Maria Juliana Byck  –


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