Ostrava, Czech Republic

Multi-disciplinary contemporary arts centre Cooltour was established with the aim to support emerging young talents in the arts and to provide a space for new art forms and genres to develop, a platform that was nonexistent in the area at the time.

Devoting more than three years of its existence to analysis of the needs of its surrounding environment along with the development of skills and knowledge, Cooltour works not only to become merely a place for art, but for culture as a broader concept. Over time, Cooltour has become an important platform for the support of cultural projects directed to encourage individuals’ creative potentials, as well as those of communities.

Cooltour is not defined by its building. Cooltour is an important tool and Cooltour, above and beyond, is the people.

Dance, theatre, music, visual arts, fashion and handcraft, social development, urban interventions, workshops, artistic residencies, etc.

Former use of building: Brewery
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2011

Výstaviste Cerná louka, pavilon C1, CZ – 70200, Ostrava | +42 552 303 020
TEH Delegate: Andrej Harmecko,


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