Den Ny Maltfabrik

Ebeltoft, Denmark

Situated near the Mols Bjerge National Park in the old town of Ebeltoft, the former Malt Factory provides both cultural experiences and a seaside view. Although slated for demolition some years ago, the red industrial building dating from 1861 was rescued by a group of passionate local culture enthusiasts and business people. After raising funds to buy back the factory, it was then re-purposed as a cultural centre. In 2017 the region will be the European Capital of Culture, and Den Ny Malfabrik aims to present the centre as the city’s future creative and multicultural meeting point.

Micro brewery/malt factory, creative workspaces, live music, youth culture, visual art/exhibitions/crafts, discussions/lectures, artists in residency, programmes for supporting emerging artists, library and museum.

Former use of the building: Breweary
Year of opening as a cultural centre: In 2011 the centre opened partly as an event platform. In 2017 it will be presented as a cultural centre.

Den Ny Malfabrik
Adelgade 39, baghuset, 8400 Ebeltoft | +4 522 626 431
TEH Delegate: Kristian Krog,



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