Institute for Environmental Solutions

Cēsis, Latvia

The Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) is an international network of scientists, artists, engineers and practitioners who care about the environment. It strives to develop innovative solutions for complex environmental challenges by employing modern technologies, reflective practices and multi-stakeholder involvement. Since 2013, IES has owned and managed Cēsis old brewery complex that they want to turn into an international centre of excellence where science, art and gastronomy can be fused together to address environmental issues.

Today, The Science, Art and Gastronomy Centre BREWERY is already recognised as a significant cultural venue for the local community that has hosted a number of events and has thousands of visitors annually.

Former use of the building: Brewery built in 1878
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2008

The Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES)
„Lidlauks”, Priekuļu pagasts,  LV-4101 Priekuļu novads | | +371 64127951
TEH Delegate: Guna Dātava,

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