Skopje, Macedonia

JADRO – Association of the independent art and culture scene in Macedonia, established in Skopje in 2012, is a national platform that brings together non-profit, civil organizations, as well as individuals and informal groups active in the independent cultural sector. The main aim of the association is to provide wider visibility and social and political relevance of the independent cultural sector in the country and in the Balkan region.

Through continuous advocacy on municipal levels, JADRO has successfully lobbied for establishing the first hybrid socio-cultural institution, Socio-Cultural Space Centar-Jadro(based on a civil-public partnership model),  where critical creative, theoretical and performative practices can thrive and influence social change. JADRO is also one of the founding organizations of KOOPERATIVA – the regional platform for arts & culture based in Zagreb.

In the context of further intentional cooperation and cultural exchange, joining TEH has been an important step for JADRO who can contribute with knowledge and expertise in the field of institutional models and production of progressive, critical and multidisciplinary culture and contemporary art.

Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2012
ul. Albert Einstein, No.2, 1000, Skopje, Macedonia | jadro.nks@gmail.com |+ 389(0)71 470 779
TEH Contact: Yane Calovski, yanecalo@gmail.com

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