Johan Centrum

Pilzen, Czech Republic

JOHAN Centrum is a centre for cultural and social projects in Pilsen, Czech Republic, developing its activities along three main lines: artistic projects (festivals, theatre and paratheatre projects, production, consulting), social work (street work, contact and information centre for problematic youth, primary prevention of pathological phenomenon, resocialization projects and work with volunteers) and educational projects (concerned with methods based on educating by art, aesthetic education, drama education and personal and social development).

In order to achieve their goals, JOHAN is mainly concentrated on creating a space for cultural-social contacts. Located in the empty building of the railway station Pilzen–South, Moving Station is an independent space for alternative culture in the city. The space has since its opening served as a studio for theatre makers (workshops, rehearsals and original projects), artists (exhibitions and workshop space) and musicians (recording and concerts). The building has fostered many original and successful projects that represent the independent culture of Pilzen, even on an international scale. The meeting of different art forms (theatre, performance, visual art, music, video art, literature) and artists from various countries using diverse creative methods has become an important feature in the life of the Moving Station, especially for those who are still seeking a way of self-realisation through art.

JOHAN is also unique due to their emphasis upon “interconnection” – they always aim at building bridges. By working with both children and young professional artists, they produce local performances while also incorporating international performers from Russia and Japan. Parallel to their performance work, JOHAN organises exhibitions and public workshops to link different types of visual art and theatre. In addition, the use of the railway station serves a symbolic purpose in their work as a sociological and physical connection point between two major sections of the city of Pilsen.

Visual art/exhibitions, programmes for supporting emerging artists, festivals, clubs, community projects, discussions/lectures, artists in residency, educational programmes, theatre performances

Former use of the building: Railway station
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2000

JOHAN Centrum
DPL Havirska 11, CZ-30100, Plzen |
TEH Delegate: Roman Cernik,


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