Kanepes Kulturas centrs

Riga, Latvia

Kanepes Kulturas centrs is a cultural centre, place for recreation and entertainment and a platform for individuals using arts and entertainment as a tool to emphasize the need of equal opportunities for all.

The centre is situated in a former dormitory of the Art Academy, used as music school for 50 years after which it was left empty, deteriorating for three years until Kanepes moved in.

The mission of Kanepes Kulturas centrs is to encourage synergies among people, ideas and various forms of culture by providing a platform for experiments, cultural events, recreation, conversations and impulses for social change in order to contribute to a happier, culturally educated and open society.

An additional focus is to renovate the building, which is situated in the centre of the city as well as cultivating the surrounding garden in an eco-friendly way, thereby providing an oasis for thought, cultural experiences and conversations to the citizens and visitors of Riga and contributing to making the city a better place to live and spend time in.

Kanepes embraces openness, authenticity, quality, avant-garde, community and responsibility.

With an emphasis on music Kanepes hosts or produces around 250 events annually; exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, workshops, readings and interdisciplinary events to attract as its main target group – young adults interested in arts and culture, social change and freedom of thought.

Former use of the building: Dormitory for students and music school
Year or opening as a cultural centre: 2012

Kaņepes Kultūras centrs
Skolas iela 15, LV-1010 Riga, Latvia   +371 29404405
TEH delegate: Liene Jurgelane, liene@kanepes.lv

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