Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

Bremen, Germany

In 1978, a group of young people occupied the building of a former slaughterhouse in the heart of Bremen. A citizens’ initiative was founded, and it was here the idea of an independent and non-profit culture centre was born. As a time of social and political movements of various groups in Germany, many movements were looking for places to host cultural activities and rooms to meet and to discuss. Today, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof is an independent and non-profit organisation with an honorary board of eight people. During the last ten years, the centre has received numerous grants from the city and is able to employ 14 full-time employees with the help numerous freelancers.

Schlachthof organises nearly 200 events and has more than 120.000 visitors each year. The centre has a music programme ranging from concerts by international stars to newer bands and local musicians. Schlachthof has rehearsal rooms for young bands and the centre supports them in their bid for recognition in addition to initiating multi-disciplinary projects about social and political themes with the aim of bringing different people together. Schlachthof is a key venue for school theatre groups and youth theatre productions in Bremen. Every two years, the centre organises the international youth theatre festival “EXPLOSIVE!” with groups from across Europe and the United States. Schlachthof also publishes the bimonthly “Z” cultural magazine with articles about cultural, social and political themes, and creates meaningful programming in co-operation with other cultural centres.

Media, live music, theatre performances, visual art/exhibitions, film screenings, programmes for supporting emerging artists, festivals , clubs, discussions/lectures, educational programmes, dance performances, skate event , carnival, workshops

Former use of the building: Slaughterhouse
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 1981

Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
Findorffstrasse 51, D – 28215, Bremen | info@schlachthof-bremen.de | +49 421 377 750
TEH Delegates: Gudrun Goldmann, g.goldmann@schlachthof-bremen.de and Susanna Dagny Mohr, sd.mohr@schlachthof-bremen.de

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