Laznia Nowa

Cracow, Poland

Laznia Nowa is the youngest theatre in Krakow, and is located in Nowa Huta – the youngest and the most mysterious district of the city. The centre is a residence comprised of postindustrial halls in which young blue collar workers of The W. Lenin Metallurgical Industrial Complex were trained. Even just a few years ago lathes, milling equipment and other machines were still used in these rooms and one can even still smell machine grease, though the atmosphere of the facility has now transformed. The scene, the audience, spectacles, concerts and exhibitions – each of these components have been instrumental in making Laznia Nowa the place it is today.

Festivals, community projects, theatre performances, visual art/exhibitions, film screenings, media, live music, discussions/lectures, educational programmes, dance performances

Former use of the building: School workshop
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2005

Laznia Nowa
Os. Szkolne 25, 31-977 Krakow |  | +48 12 425 03 20
TEH Delegate: Bartosz Szydlowski,



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