Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde

Bagneux, France

Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (PPCM) – Centre des Arts du Cirque et des Cultures Emergentes is a cultural centre located in the town of Bagneux (southern suburbs of Paris). Its building is now under construction, and the total surface area is projected at 1,900 square meters. The complex is composed of a restored Sports Centre and a new wooden construction – consisting of a large circus hall with a capacity of 360 seats, a residency hall, a dance hall and a foyer bar.

Although PPCM is located in the heart of a disadvantaged area in Paris, the organization works at a regional level (Metropolitan Paris Area). PPCM is nationally recognized as a leading organisation in the field of arts and culture for societal inclusion.

PPCM is a founder member of CARAVAN Circus Network, an active European body for youth and the centre is recognised at an international level through various youth exchanges, EVS, vocational training, other artistic exchanges run by PPCM. The centre additionally supports young emerging street artists from all around the world (hip-hop dances, free-running, parkour, etc.).

An international festival (Hip Cirq Hop), outreach activities and artistic education, residencies for young artists (circus, dance, urban cultures, music…), cooperation with international groups working on the field of culture for inclusion (Madagascar, Mozambique, Chile, Peru, Caribbean and 12 European countries), community projects.

Former use of the building: Sports centre
Year of opening as a cultural centre: The project started 23 years ago. It became a cultural centre in 2012. The new venue opened in June 2015.

Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde
Impasse de la Renardière 92220 Bagneux | +33 671697267
TEH Delegate: Eleftérios Kechagioglou, elefterios@ppcm.fr


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