Prabbeli / Cooperations

Wiltz, Luxembourg

The transformation of the industry and the business sector has confronted the region around Wiltz, Luxembourg with numerous challenges and has created a need for creative and innovative initiatives. The renovation project “Prabbeli” funded by the municipality of Wiltz in the Wiltzer Gruberbierg is exemplary, the name “Prabbeli” not only being drawn from the spectacular pyramid roof construction but for the need to foster the broadest possible participation from inhabitants of the region through the multi-faceted and sophisticated cultural and training facilities. Prabbeli is therefore an expression of cultural variety and a contribution to the quality of life in the region.

The blending of the activities of the cultural centre Prabbeli with the programmes of the organization Cooperations represents a new model: a social enterprise with employment training facilities for disabled individuals that has also developed into a major cultural-tourist service provider for a region.

Live music, visual art/exhibitions, workshops, conferences, lectures, community projects, artists in residency, cinema, gastronomy, rehearsal rooms.

Former use of the building: Brewery
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2003

Prabelli / Cooperations
8 rue de la montagne, 9538 Wiltz |   | +35 2959 2051
TEH Delegate: Marc Scheer,

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