Pro Rodopi Art Centre

Bostina, Bulgaria

Pro Rodopi Art Centre (PRAC) is an independent cultural centre – a crossroad of ideas from North, West and Southeast Europe. It is the result of the experience, needs and visions of artists and cultural facilitators from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, forming an informal network.

The aim of PRAC is to facilitate a wide spectrum of processes, acting as a place of residency for international artists and tour venue for completed works, along with hosting workshops, presentations, professional meetings, thematic conferences, and special projects for locals. These events, all within the field of the performing and video arts, focus upon artistic, social, cultural, geographical and individual identities of human beings and their impact.

The work of PRAC is based upon several key values, including openness, local and international cooperation, and willingness to change and adapt their direction according to local and global environments. The founders of PRAC  see these qualities starting points of their work, as opposed to goals that must be achieved.

The centre is located in the village of Bostina in the rural area of the Central Rhodopes Mountain in Bulgaria, where Pro Rodopi Foundation – the legal body behind PRAC – has bought the facilities, building and land of a former kindergarten.

The plans for the new centre are now completed and PRAC is currently seeking funding in order to fulfill their dream of having modern, comfortable working and living spaces of their own, primarily in order to cater to the needs of artists in residence.

A strong relationship with both the local community and  municipality has been established, through the work of PRAC beginning in 2004. PRAC is the first independent centre for performing arts residencies in Bulgaria, and most likely in the Balkan region as well.

Artists in residency, theatre performances, dance performances.

Former use of the building: Kindergarten
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2004

Pro Rodopi Art Centre
Bostina 4745, Smolyan district, Bulgaria |  +359 88 8639923
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