Tabacka Kulturfabrik

Košice, Slovakia

Tabacka Kulturfabrik is interested in the energy of contemporary culture and independent art. The centre is a creativity factory, supporting the Slovak art scene by giving space for artists to implement creative projects. Bringing forward current creations from the around world and exporting the local arts abroad, Tabacka Kulturfabrik presents an innovative perspective on reality.

Tabacka is the result of a civic initiative that started in the 1990s with a need to find spaces for discussing and displaying contemporary art and music productions in the wild climate following the end of the Communist rule. After moving between premises and across the city, the initiative finally was able to repurpose a former tabacco factory on Gorkeho street in 2009. Its main challenge has been to grow beyond the tight creative community that has formed around the centre in order to reach a wider audience in the city, which has been successful due to the exponential increase in the number of people coming to see the (often experimental) productions put on at Tabacka over the past several years.

Tabacka is a contemporary arts and culture centre working towards:

  • Presentation of current local and international productions of music, dance, theatre, visual arts, literature, film, design and architecture
  • Becoming a platform for informal education, community and social projects
  • Being a space for creation (Tabacka creates and provides studio spaces, recording and rehearsal spaces, runs a residency programme, initiates creative cooperation, etc)
  • Functioning as a space for young creative people wanting to set up small businesses in Kosice’s challenging business environment
  • Hosting business and external events
  • Helping present artists and projects from Kosice and Eastern Slovakia abroad (e.g. a show of video art from Eastern Slovakia at the “Kyoto Art Map“ festival)

Visual art/exhibitions, film screenings, media, festivals, community projects, artists in residency, educational programmes, theatre performances, dance performances, concerts, presentations, workshops

Former use of the building: Tobacco factory
Year of opening as a cultural centre: 2006

Tabačka Kulturfabrik
Gorkého 2, SK – 4001 Kosice | +421 905 464 384
TEH Delegate: Peter Radkoff,

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