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Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture is a public institution that was founded by the Municipality of Ljubljana. Having operated since 2009, it is the central Slovenian institution, rather than being limited to Ljubljana, for contemporary and urban culture manifested in concerts, and also in visual and performing arts. Each year, Kino Šiška hosts more than 270 events, which are attended by around 90 thousand visitors.

Extending over 2,468 m2, Kino Šiška features the large Katedrala hall with a standing capacity of 932 and a seating capacity of 450, the small Komuna hall with a standing capacity of 200 and a seating capacity of 120, as well asKamera exhibition space and a café with a summer garden. 

Constructed in 1961 as a a cinema, Kino Šiška is considered a first-class building marked by modernist architecture. The building was designed by the Slovenian architect Božidar Gvardjančič, the alterations by architect Anja Planišček.

The programme of Kino Šiška represents and combines the urban life, multiculturalism, a politically unbiased attitude and advanced technology, whereas its architectural solutions make it one of Slovenia’s friendliest venues to the physically impaired and sensory-deprived. Kino Šiška encourages innovation, creativity and international cooperation.

Kino Šiška´s website

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