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Lunik is a variable dimensions research and creation space that combines artists, writers, architects and any kind of researchers to a central core: artists Marta Jonville and Tomas Matauko. It is a space without a place. Its projects gathers researchers around specific issues and it is based where the projects take place. LUNIK is based in Bordeaux, France.

Luniks objective is the creation of collective, multidisciplinary and international artistic production situations, crossing countries, territories, history and its specific issues. To that end, Lunik conceives artistic processes to question the individual as a citizen and Art as an emancipatory activity having an impact on its environment.

Luniks vision is that culture, and more specifically visual arts, are a tool to make mankind evolve. In a world where the tendency is alienation, Lunik creates sharing strategies to enhance creativity and awareness of the public space by organizing international projects, curation of exhibitions, conferences, debates, meetings, workshops. It creates publications and catalogs as well as artists residencies.

Lunik works with students, artists, cultural workers, teenagers as well as other citizens. "It’s a trans-artistic, trans-disciplinary, trans-national and trans-pedagogic creation tool that aims the development of constructive criticism through arts and transmission of knowledge strategies. We truly believe in the necessity of knowledge from the past issues, to more efficiently understand and act on present issues. We consider the educational theory according to which the student learns as much from the teacher as the teacher does from the student to be an auxiliary to democracy".

Luniks’ interest in political history, on the study of events from the past, on re-enactment, is to better understand the issues of the present and to deepen the problematic of democracy within the process of artistic creation.

By making European partnerships, Lunik builds living, performative, social sculptures, where each discipline makes its way through, and tints, the entire artistic production.

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