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Transit in Stockholm is a collaboration partner for freelance film makers, musicians, performing artists, fine artists and designers. In common for the connected artists connected is the need to focus, structure and strengthen their artistic work.

Transit offers office space, workshops and coaching as a type of scholarship. In total there are 25-30 freelance artists in an open-plan office space who share contacts and knowledge over lunch on a daily basis. Everything that is included in Transit is free – desk space, coaching, workshops and access to project rooms. There are workshops in, amongst other things, contracts and negotiating, accounting, tax returns and VAT, artistic processes, rhetoric and leadership.

Transit works from the idea that a dynamic and accepting environment helps many artists and their companies to develop both artistically and economically. If more artists are given the conditions they need to gain strength, then we will all be able to partake in and benefit from arts and culture production that is both developing and challenging – an important contribution to the formation of an open and inclusive society.

Transit is financed by Stockholm County Council’s Culture Department.

Transit´s website

  • Trans Europe Halles Coordination Office
    c/o Mejeriet |Stora Sodergatan 64
    SE – 222 23 Lund | Sweden

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