POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth is a public non–profit institution for culture, based on a new model of civil–public partnership. It was founded in 2008 and is managed by the independent network Alliance Operation City and the City of Zagreb.

Pogon manages a venue Jedinstvo which is former water-pump factory situated on the Sava riverbank. In its 2 main halls (80 and 450 square meters) it hosts various events: exhibitions of local artists, international festivals of visual and performing arts, concerts and parties, theatre and dance shows. Opened in September 2009, Jedinstvo serves not only as presentation space, but also as a production space.

The main function of Pogon is to provide its spaces free of charge for programs of culture and youth organizations. Pogon is not defined with aesthetic criteria nor program/curatorial concept but functions as an open platform. Annually, there are over 200 different public events being organized in Pogon from every field of contemporary culture and art (exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, new circus performances, concerts, lectures, public forums, and other) and also 150 workshops and seminars. Along with it, Pogon is frequently being used for production, rehearsals, art residencies, meetings and more. Numerous acclaimed performers of the Croatian and international scene and many young, yet to be acclaimed artists have had events in Pogon. Pogon hosts programs of various international festivals, such as: New Circus Festival, contemporary dance festival, Perforacije – Week of performance arts and music festivals such as Illectricity festival and ┼Żedno uho. Annually, about 80 different organizations, informal groups, and individual organizers use the spaces of Pogon.

Through its activities on an international, but first of all European scene, Pogon wishes to contribute on connecting Croatian and international artists and facilitating collaborations between them. An example is a permanent collaboration an an artists-in-residence programme with the prestigious German institution Akademie Schloss Solitude. Alongside that, Pogon is one of the initiators of Corners, a project that gathers artists and researchers from regions on the edges of Europe, and provides them the possibility of production of their interdisciplinary art projects. Pogon also participates in various international discussions on the role of culture in today's Europe.

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