TEH Conference 83

TEH Conference 83

May 25 – 28  2017 at member centre Rojc in Pula, Croatia.

The theme of the Conference is CULTURE AND SHARING COMMUNITIES

No community can exist without sharing. What are the role of cultural centres in communities? How can practices of sharing foster artistic production, and build a more democratic society? How can cultural centres develop a culture of sharing and what are their role in changing paradigms for living? How can cultural and community centres, as places of sharing and imagination, become cradles of social innovation and Communities of Practices?

During three days we will explore potentials of community development. What can happen if we start sharing what we have more openly and trustfully? What new collaborative practices can we share?

Topics like sharing of spaces, co-working, co-living, co-producing, co-governing and similar will be on the agenda.

The conference will be shaped in community. You are most welcome to contribute to the sessions.
A vivid artistic programme will be offered.

that the conference starts already at 10:00 on Thursday 25 May, with a full programme of content sessions, artistic and social activities running until Saturday evening. (Saturday afternoon TEH members will have their General Assembly, parallel to this activities are offered to non-members).

Sunday Outing (from 10-18) – Reuse of military abandoned spaces

We will visit the fort Casoni Vecchi in the former military area Monumenti-Katarina, and fortress Punta Cristo, which hosts various cultural events. In the afternoon we will bathe in beautiful Adriatic see.

Pula’s fortification system
From the middle of the 19th century onwards, Pula was used as the main Austrian naval port. Within the grid of the city of Pula there are 33 surviving forts and a further 150 assorted defensive structures that once belonged to the defense system that formed the main naval base of the Austro-Hungarian fleet. Due to the size, layout and geography of the area, alongside the exceptional artistic quality of the architecture, the fortification system was ranked one of the largest and most important in Europe.
Fee for Sunday Outing: 25 EUR (transport by bus and lunch included)

NOTE: in several countries 25 May is a national holiday related to Christ’s Ascension.

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TEH Members & Associates110 €140 €
Guests135 €165 €
Fees for West Balkan countries – Guests55 €60 €

Fees include all sessions, artistic programme and 6 meals.
Sunday Outing is paid for separately.

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Situated on the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula, Pula is the largest city in the region and its commercial and cultural capital. From its origins as a lively Roman outpost, to becoming the chief naval base of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the city’s diverse history has resulted in a rich and varied cultural heritage. Pula’s most famous attraction is a remarkably well-preserved Roman amphitheatre right in heart of the city.
To find out more about Pula, visit: www.pulainfo.hr/en/     MAP



a) Book your flight in advance and land in one of the following airports:
(Buy a bus ticket to Pula prior to travelling or at the bus station)

1. Airport Pula – connection to Pula by shuttle bus or taxi

2. Franjo Tuđman in Zagreb- use shuttle bus to reach main bus station and get a bus to Pula

3. Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport in Trieste – connection to Pula by bus from Trieste bus station (Črnja Tours; Brioni; Fils-Pula)

4. Marco Polo and/or Treviso Airport in Venice a) connection to Pula by bus from Mestre- Venezia  bus station ( Brioni; Fils – Pula)

b) Get on a train to Trieste and then take a bus to Pula

*NOTE: there are no train connections to Pula

Recommended websites:  www.airport-pula.hr / www.getbybus.com / www.goopti.com
Local currency: 7,5 kn (kuna) =1 eur


More info about the conference will be posted here.

We look forward to seeing you in Pula!

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