TEH CONFERENCE 87: 16-19 MAY 2019

Since 2017, Zentralwerk has been a member of Trans Europe Halles (TEH), a network of self-organized cultural centres with over 100 members across Europe. In May 2019, Zentralwerk will host one of TEH’s annual meetings in the form of a conference focusing on arts and participation.

The TEH87 Conference “pARTicipation” will take place at Zentralwerk, Dresden on 16-19 May 2019.

TEH (Trans Europe Halles) Conference #87 aims to share and exchange methods for activating civil society and independent creative and cultural actors through artistic means and strategies, the training of stakeholders and the development of recommendations for action for the cultural and creative industries.

A central potential of art lies in opening access to other ways of thinking and seeing the world. The prerequisite for this is that art does not seek to educate its recipients. An important possibility of artistic work is to create encounters in which all participants can perceive themselves as actors within the artistic process. In order to enable an encounter at eye level, it is important that the initiators of the participatory work also understand it as a process with an open outcome.

At the conference, we will recognise potentials, discuss difficulties and develop concepts. This creates knowledge that can be internalised, shared and passed on by all participants. Ideally, participants themselves become future initiators and the process radiates step by step into even larger groups.

The conference will offer participants a variety of opportunities to exchange artistic strategies and working methods that enable citizens throughout Europe to experience participation in social processes.

How do we start?
By tackling the following topics in panels and workshops at the 87th TEH Conference:

  • Art enforcing democracy
  • A culture of remembrance enforcing democracy
  • Informal art education and mediation
  • Structural aspects of participative art
  • Collaboration instead of cooperation
  • The social value of the creative economy and which role plays art
  • Learning Organisation(s)


15 May, Wednesday  Pre-programme at ufaFabrik | Berlin

14.00-16.30   Take a break at the international cultural centre and TEH member, ufaFabrik. If you are interested to learn more, please, contact Sigrid Niemer

15 May, Wednesday   Pre-programme at GEH8 | Dresden

10.00-17.00   Symposium and Launch Session for a new cross border network as a cultural catalyzer. Initiated by GEH8,        Dresden (DE) and Hraničář, Ustí nad Labem (CZ).
18.30-20.30     Pre-event: Remembrance at Controversial Places at TU, Dresden. Panel w/ (selection) Yariv Lapid (Direktor William Levine Family Institute for Holocaust Education, Washington D.C.), Noa K. Ha (Director Zentrums für Integrationsstudien, TU Dresden)
20.00-22.00    Social Meet-up at GEH8
20.00-00.00    Kate McIntosh: In Many Hands HELLERAU European Center for the arts

16 May, Thursday

08.30-18.30     Registration
09.30-10.45     Opening Ceremony
10.45-11.15     Coffee Break
11.15-13.00     World Cafe
13.00-15.00     Lunch
14.15-15.00     Candidate members
15.00-19.00    Participate! Best practice w/ Svea Duwe, Mirror March | Susanna Mohr, DIY Furniture | Gabu Heindl, Opening Right within the City | Jacqueline Hamann, Movement of the chairs
15.00-16.00     Newcomers session
16.00-17.00     Trias Foundation: How to help us to help you?
19.00-21.20     Dinner
19.30-21.30  Workshop: Just in Time / Letters to Dance w/ deufert&plischke HELLERAU European Center for the arts
18.00-24.00     Social Meet-up of YOU CHOICE:
– Artistic programme at HELLERAU
– Visit the gallery – Schimmel projects
– or stay for the social meet up at Zentralwerk with a special: Schitkowski & 20goto10, Experimental Electronic at ECCE kiosk

17 May, Friday

09.00-10.00    Wake Up – Dive In w/ Anna Till
09.30-11.00     DISCE Project Kick-off*: Panel discussion and launch of the project
10.00-11.00     Panel 1: Collaborate
10.00-11.00     Panel 2: Democratise
10.00-11.00     Panel 3: Art mediation as art
10.00-14.30     Participate! Exhibition Right within the City
11.00-11.30     Coffee break
11.30-13.00  Workshop session 1 w/ Christiane Wiegand & Harry Fuhrmann, Alfred Haberkorn, Yariv Lapid & Jörg Skriebeleit, Frank Bölter, Miriam Tscholl, Gabu Heindl
11.30-13.00    TEH Workshop: Staff Exchange
11.30-18.00    TEH-Workshop: Arts Education – D.I.T. Subtopia Operations Manager

11.30-13.00     BAUHAUS AGENTEN program: Workshop and presentation
13.00-14.30     Lunch
14.30-16.00  Workshop session 2 w/ Hans Schneider, Burkhardt Stangl, Gabu Heindl, Jacqueline Hamann, Nora Schott, Yariv Lapid & Jörg Skriebeleit, Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi & Theresa Lempp, Dana Caspersen, Frank Bölter
14.30-18.00     TEH-Workshop: Alternative funding
16.00-16.30     Coffee break
18.00-19.00   Workshop session 3 w/ w/ Hans Schneider, Burkhardt Stangl, Gabu Heindl, Jacqueline Hamann, Nora Schott, Yariv Lapid & Jörg Skriebeleit, Myrto-Helena Pertsinidi & Theresa Lempp, Dana Caspersen, Frank Bölter
18.30-20.30     Dinner
18.30-20.00   Workshop: Just in Time / Letters to Dance w/ deufert&plischke HELLERAU European Center for the arts
19.00-20.00     Kate McIntosh: In Many Hands HELLERAU European Center for the arts
20.00-21.00     YOUR CHOICE! Social Meet-up at Zentralwerk
21.00-23.00     Copy & Dance at HELLERAU European Center for the arts
21.00-00.00     Filmscreening: Waiting for the summer’s return

18 May, Saturday

09.00-10.00     Wake Up – Dive In with Anna Till
10.00-13.00     Workshop session 4 w/ Stine Marie Jacobsen: Law Shifters, Gwendolin Kremer, Konstanze Schütze, ConstructLab, Christoph Sorge, Arystan Petzold, Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Maria Trunk
10.00-13.00     TEH-Workshop: Open room for propositions
10.00-13.00     TEH-Workshop: Organisational Development
10.00-13.00     TEH-Workshop: Torsten Reitler: You are worth it
10.00-13.00     TEH-Workshop: Ambassadors without an embassy, but not without a role
12.30-14.30     Lunch
14.00-15.00     TEH Round table. Where are we going?
15.00-15.30     Coffee break
15.30-18.30     General Assembly
18.30-20.30     Dinner
16.00-24.00     Opening of OUR STAGE – 4 European Festival of Bürgerbühne
20.00-…           Closing party at Zentralwerk

19 May, Sunday

11.00-…       4 European Festival of Bürgerbühne – OPEN STAGE
11.00-…       River rafting for all
11.00-…       Enter the void – Sunday walk through urban space in transition
11.00-…       From the wood to the city – the controversial memory of Dresden
11.00-…       Querstadtein – Refugees show their Dresden


* TEH Conference 87 will host the kick-off meeting of the DISCE Project (an acronym for Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies), a three-year-long research project intended to reshape the economic and social perception of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Programme. The project aims to reassess the role of CCIs as contributors to growth, quality employment, competitiveness, and to the attractiveness and social cohesion of cities and regions across the EU. Read more


The Zentralwerk Dresden is a collective of artists, humanists, architects and craftsmen that have been staging performances, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in Dresden for over a decade now. The project Zentralwerk as a whole combines living, working, art and culture in a large area with several buildings.

Since 2016, Zentralwerk e.V has been creating apartments, studios and opportunities for joint cultural production in a former industrial district. In addition to over a hundred local actors, the project also involves cooperation partners and visitors from the urban environment, as well as from Germany and abroad. You can read more about Zentralwerk here (in German).


Dresden is internationally renowned not only for its great cultural heritage but also for contemporary music, arts and film festivals. It is a great location for tourists looking to discover the diversity of European arts and culture. Some of its very proud citizens might argue that it is already the capital of culture. The immense challenges of the past two years, the refugee crisis and the rise of anti-European sentiments all over Europe have turned Dresden into a focal point of debate for the future of European values.

In 2016 Dresden has started the process of developing a bid for the European Capital of Culture because here, celebrating arts and culture and shaping the future of a diverse society in Europe need to go hand in hand. Each year the European Union awards the title “European Capital of Culture” to two European cities. After Essen and the Ruhr Region in 2010 Germany is up again for 2025 – together with the Republic of Slovenia.


Early birds (until 15 March)

TEH Member & Associate: 90,00€
2nd, 3rd TEH Member & Associate: 70,00€
Non-member: 135,00€

For Balkan(s) and Eastern Partnership countries:

TEH Member & Associate: 60,00€
2nd, 3rd TEH Member & Associate:  45,00€
Non-member: 70,00€. – SOLD OUT

Regular rate (after 15 March)

TEH Member & Associate: 145,00€
Non-member: 165,00€

Balkan(s): Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria

Eastern Partnership: Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan Georgia, Armenia

A call for participants for TEH members who would like to join the Co-Creation Lab within the Framework of DISCE project will be opened soon. Travel and accommodation support will be available for the participants.


You can find the information about how to travel to Dresden here.

At the moment only Hotel Indigo is available for booking.

We highly recommend booking your flight tickets and hotels as soon as possible.


Still thirsty for information? Is something not clear? Drop us an email: Barbara Lubich, teh87@zentralwerk.de (Zentralwerk) and Michel Quéré, michel@teh.net (TEH).


The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) through its project culture360.ASEF.org provides media support to the Conference.

Some of the activities on Friday are taking place within the framework of Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies project, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Programme.

Some of the activities on Saturday are taking place within Factories of Imagination project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.




Photo credits:

Klaus Gigga Kulturhauptstadtbüro Dresden 2025,  Rene Jungnickel

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