Pre-Programme for TEH#96 is out

As we gear up for our upcoming Camp Meeting in Fabrika Tbilisi, we are thrilled to unveil the pre-programme that awaits you!​

TEH#96 will be a collective dialogue on how we can REBOOT. A meeting of connection, creativity, and sharing new perspectives is on its way. A series of captivating sessions brought to you by incredible minds and groups: ANIMA Garden, P60, Penguin Project, CARME and more. Discussions, panels, workshops, and a whole lot of mind-shaping moments, all brought to you by an amazing crew of members.​

“Go Green” initiatives; art as a tool for social change; colonial heritage; rural reboot; diversity and inclusion; mental health; protests and social responsibilities, and many more awaits you. We will also dive  into workshops around TEH matters, exploring how to reboot our meetings, TEH Articles of Association Revision, and gearing up for the New Board election. ​

under the Georgian sun, there will be many, many group photos, Supras, talks, and laughter ahead !

Discover the Pre-Programme

More information and tickets HERE

Published on August 21, 2023