Arts Education Hub

Arts Education Hub (previously known as Arts Education Platform) is a place for Trans Europe Halles’ member centres to exchange knowledge, methods and expertise within the arts education field. The hub started as part of the larger Factories of Imagination project and was formed in 2017. From September 2020, the main activities of the hub will go under the SPOTing project.

Arts Education Hub is hosting yearly professional seminars on arts education topics. During these events the participants exchange knowledge of educational methods and share practical tips of their everyday work with each other.

The hub is open for TEH members with three or more years of experience within the field of arts education.

What has been done within the Arts Education Hub so far?

Gothenburg Seminar

The first seminar was held in Gothenburg, Sweden in March 2018. It was hosted by Röda Sten Konsthall. The aim of the seminar was to plan and structure future work of the hub, set the values and expectations and showcase the work done within the arts education field by the host.

Belfast Seminar

In March 2019 we hosted an Arts Education Hub seminar named ‘’Imagine, Create and Critique’’. It took place in Belfast, Ireland.
You can access the full seminar report here.
We also produced a video from the seminar. You can watch it here

Luxembourgh Seminar

In March of 2020 we hosted another Arts Education Hub seminar in Luxebourg named “Exploring the Benefits of Arts Education Programs“. You can access the full meeting report here. 
We also produced a fanzine. Take a look at it! 
And made a video. Check it out!

We have also organised a series of study visits, did the mappings of organisations working with the topic in Europe and ran workshops at TEH bi-annual meetings.

SPOTing project

Spaces of Transformation in Arts Education (SPOTing) brings together arts educators from 8 cultural centres around Europe. The project aims to stimulate professional development and knowledge exchange within the field. It also strives to support professionals and evaluate existing practices. The main mission is to stimulate and strengthen the field of arts education in Europe. You can read more about the project here


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Hanna Olsson


Photo credits

TEH Arts Education Seminar#2 – David Boyd. TEH Arts Education Seminar#3 – Frank Meiers.