Leaders’ Stories

This publication brings together the leadership and personal experiences of eleven leaders working in European independent cultural centres. Leaders Stories springs from the Leaders Lab project (Engine Room Europe), that gathered leaders in independent cultural centres from north to south. Leader Stories is the product of the project but keep the focus on the individual leader rather than the group.

From the book description:

“The interviews in this publication provide the reader with a good overview of the diversity of governance models, leadership styles and management tools that can be found in this particular arts organizations all the way from Southern to Northern Europe.”

The publication is inviting and down-to-earth, and its 76 pages will give you valuable insights into leadership you can implement in your everyday life. The book is focused on the individual experiences of leaders in the independent culture sector and as such, the content is aimed at all actors in the fields interested in the overall ideological and managerial approaches, from non-hierachal to traditional managerial techniques and approaches.


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