Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs at TEH

Placement in Data and Stakeholder Analysis Systems at Trans Europe Halles

  • Placement: Full-time, up to 6 months 
  • Location: Lund, Sweden
  • Starting date: 1 February

Your Profile

  • Experience with basic programming and/or basic back-end web development
  • Thorough understanding of and working experience with data analysis
  • Thorough understanding of business administration and business development 
  • Education: Master’s degree (we also accept current students) in business administration, data analysis, statistics or similar

What you can bring back to your own enterprise

  • Experience with developing a comprehensive project management tool
  • Experience with data-driven business development
  • Expertise on contact databases for business development and marketing purposes
  • Expertise on the use of data architecture systems (for the non-profit sector)
  • Hands-on experience establishing, structuring and using a multi-stakeholder database (including public sector, private sector, academia, NGOs)
  • Learning of leadership skills

Description of the Position

During your exchange with host entrepreneur Ms. Renders, you will be working with the management team in the daily operations of Trans Europe Halles, and given the chance to work more closely with the business model, the marketing strategies in the cultural field, and the management of members activities and projects, to get the above described experience for your enterprise, depending upon your needs. By working directly and shadowing the Managing Director of a major European network, you will get a chance to build on your leadership skills. 

You will also be supporting our Community and Communications Manager and our Capacity Building Manager in building an elaborate project management structure in Scoro (online project management tool). You will be working more specifically on establishing an online prototype of a “Neural Network” (or stakeholder structuring system) of a large group of stakeholders and contracts of our organisation. You will be working with the data that we have collected on our stakeholders and help us translate it into our business development strategy. The uses of the data and the corresponding “Neural Network” of stakeholders include our coordination office’s advocacy work, acquiring new members, catering to the needs of existing members and research and development.

The online contact and stakeholder database which we will be developing is supposed to not only serve our business development but the business development of our member organisations, who might be able to translate the data management and structuring prototype which we are developing for their data management, audience development, communication, production and advocacy of their own.

You will have the time to work on your own business strategies, with the possibility to use TEH as a sounding board. 

About Trans Europe Halles

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a Europe-based network of independent cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists with 127 members and associates in 36 countries. TEH has been at the forefront of repurposing Europe’s industrial buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. Our mission is to facilitate the sustainable development of civil society initiated cultural and creative organisations based in repurposed spaces, by connecting and supporting them. We facilitate international cooperation and provide opportunities for learning and sharing. To achieve this, we organise two international meetings every year, coordinate international projects, run a professional Capacity Building Programme, support members in times of troubles and actively influence cultural policies.

Your application

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Please, APPLY before 11 January 2020.

Published on December 3, 2019