Our Coordination Office

In our office in Sweden is a team of dedicated professionals who work behind the scenes for the benefit of the network and all of our activities. They connect and support TEH members and make sure the outside world knows about them. The Coordination Office also supports project planning and fundraising activities for the network and have become a focal point of expertise within the network.


c/o Mejeriet, Stora Sodergatan 64, SE -222 23 Lund Sweden

Tomegapsgatan 22, SE – 223 50 Lund Sweden

Meet the team

Burak Sayin / Community and Communications Manager

  • English, Turkish, German

I usually like having fun. My job here has been mostly about having lots of fun. What does this fun entail?  Well, meeting with lovely people, connecting with lovely people, supporting lovely people, being supported by lovely people, caring about lovely people and, being cared for by lovely people. From day one, it has been about lovely people with great ideas and practice. For me, Trans Europe Halles is a place where all of those come together. The result: MAGIC

Contact me if you have questions about becoming a member of our network or about Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies project.

Ella Overkleeft / Capacity Building Manager

  • Dutch, English

For me everything comes together at TEH. I believe in the power of imagination and wonderment for people to think and create alternatives to the status quo. Art and culture are the breeding ground for this and therefore super important for us humans. And now more than ever it’s time to integrate this in our communities, and how to do this better than with physical spaces?!

Contact me if you have questions about TEH Capacity Building Programme and bi-annual Meetings.

Fairooz Tamimi / Sustainability Specialist

  • Arabic, English (and some) Swedish

Working with TEH team and members is meaningful and enjoyable. In such a learning organisation, your ability to be really free and creative is harnessed on a daily basis.

Contact me if you have questions about Diversity, Social and Environmental Sustainability, or about the Cultural Transformation Movement (CTM), or SHIFT project.

Giorgio Berardi / Finance and Administration Manager

  • Italian, German, English, Swedish and can understand many more!

My education has covered linguistics, international politics and development economics. I have dabbled with a number of languages and my level of proficiency in those is constantly changing (not always for the better). Trans Europe Halles, with its fresh approach, has been a great complement (and definitely instrumental) in my plan to move to Sweden with my family. I am still enjoying most days at the office because of that.

Contact me if you have questions about TEH finances or need to pay a membership fee.

Hanna Olsson / Project Manager, International Resource Office (IRO)

  • Swedish, English

I was introduced to Trans Europe Halles in 2008 when I was doing an internship at one of our members – Mejeriet. It made a big impression on me, and in 2019 I joined the team. For me working internationally is the present and the future. It’s exciting to see what happens in the new spaces created from meetings. That’s the power of networks.

Contact me if you have questions about International Resource Office or our Arts Education Platform.

Jose Rodriguez / Marketing and Communications Director

  • English, Spanish, French and Romanian

For me, Trans Europe Halles’ cultural centres are like a punk rock band: second-hand instruments, three chords, a message to convey and shitloads of attitude. They take no bullshit. Always ready to punch above their weight. No future? F*** it – they shape the future!

Contact me if you have questions about the digital platforms within Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities project.

Olga Rudak / Communications Officer

  • Russian, Belarusian, English and Swedish

Remember ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ by the Beatles? That is what it feels like to work at Trans Europe Halles. It’s fun, it’s quirky and it’s NEVER boring. Plus, we are making a difference, and that’s all that matters!

Contact me if you have questions about the communication of TEH Meetings, about our website or the communication of Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies project.

Tiffany Fukuma / Managing Director

  • French, English, Japanese, German & some notions of Mandarin and Arabic

To me, Trans Europe Halles is a forward-thinking, lifelong learning organisation, with very strong ethics, expertise and a real, proven  transformative power on communities, buildings and spaces, as well as on the arts and culture sector. It is also a tight and friendly community of passion-driven makers, committed cultural activists, incorruptible go-getters and super professionals, who not only want to change things for the better but actually do it on a daily basis. It happens that my own personal interests and areas of expertise span from urbanism, social justice, DIY and underground cultures, European projects, theory, policy and prospective, but also that Trans Europe Halles has been an inspiration since my late teens. Working for the network feels like all the planets align: I couldn’t wish for a better job, and I intend to do it with all the dedication it deserves, together with our super office team!