Our Coordination Office

In our office in Sweden is a team of dedicated professionals who work behind the scenes for the benefit of the network and all of our activities. They connect and support TEH members and make sure the outside world knows about them. The Coordination Office also supports project planning and fundraising activities for the network and have become a focal point of expertise within the network.


c/o Mejeriet, Stora Sodergatan 64, SE -222 23 Lund Sweden

Tomegapsgatan 22, SE – 223 50 Lund Sweden

Meet the team

Tiffany Fukuma / Managing Director

  • tiffany(at)teh(dot)net
  • French, English, Japanese, German & some notions of Mandarin and Arabic

I work both on the internal and external structure of our network. I help co-develop together with our members and ExComm the future strategy of TEH and ensure it is implemented. I oversee our main activities and secure future collaborations and strategic partnerships. I am also involved in the daily work of the Coordination Office and manage its team, making sure our work benefits our members the most.

Contact me for project proposals, advocacy, partnerships and services, or requests for talks and participation in advisory bodies.

Fairooz Tamimi / Director of Strategic Development

  • fairooz(at)teh(dot)net
  • Arabic, English (and some) Swedish

In my work I ensure that our partnerships and collaborations go in line with our main strategic axes and meet our members’ needs. My particular passion and focus is diversity, inclusion and SDGs and ensuring they are implemented in the daily work of the Coordination Office and our members.

Contact me if you have a project proposal, collaboration idea or would like to  join our Solidarity Actions. If you are an advocacy group working with inclusion, diversity, LGBTQI or SDGs, get in touch as we would be happy to work together.

Barbara Elia / Finance and Admin Director

  • barbara(at)teh(dot)net
  • Italian, French and English

I am responsible for the administrative and  financial management of the organisation and I advise on strategic and financial planning.  I work with the Managing Director on the broader financial and administrative management and with Project Managers on projects financial management and reporting.

Contact me for any exchanges needed on financial issues.


Shawn Wright / Marketing and Communications Director

  • shawn(at)

I am in charge of developing our marketing and communications strategy that goes in line with our key priorities as a network. I make sure that we have a consistent and strong presence on all our communications channels and our brand is unique, distinctive and captures our spirit and drive. Plus, I develop tools and processes that help us run our daily communications smoothly and effectively. My main role is to envision a bigger picture, set goals for the future and ensure we keep staying relevant and impactful.

Contact me if you have questions about our marcom strategy, would like to collaborate on a PR action or campaign, interested to become our media partner or have a relevant project to disseminate to our membership.

Thalia Giovannelli / Administration Manager

  • thalia(at)teh(dot)net
  • Italian, French, English

As Administrative Manager, I work on improving TEH’s internal work environment, IT tools, HR, processes and policies. I also deal with paper work and oversee logistics and office management.

Get in touch if you need any info on structure, policies, processes, HR, paperwork, reimbursements, or any other thing that you do not know who to ask to!

Sorina Neacsu / Senior Project Manager

  • sorina(at)teh(dot)net
  • Romanian, English, Spanish, French


I manage the Rebuilding to Last project, which delivers research, capacity-building activities, and participatory architectural interventions to ensure a sustainable future for cultural spaces. Additionally, I am the contact person for two of TEH’s Hubs: the Sustainable Buildings Hub and the Balkans Hub. I am filling in for Roxana Apostol while she is on maternity leave.

Contact me if you have ideas about environmentally friendly practices in the cultural sphere. This might be sharing knowledge about sustainable transformations, accessing finance, and involving communities in future-proofing physical spaces. 

Roxana Apostol / Senior Project Manager

  • rox(at)teh(dot)net
  • Romanian, English, French, German


I manage the Rebuilding to Last project, coordinating with our partners on action research, capacity building activities and participatory architecture interventions that enable a sustainable future of cultural spaces. I am also the contact person for the Sustainable Buildings Hub and the Balkans Hub.

Contact me with ideas on where culture meets environment-friendly practices, sharing knowledge about sustainable transformations, access to finance, and involving communities in future-proofing physical spaces. 


Hanna Olsson / Senior Project Manager

  • hanna(at)teh(dot)net
  • Swedish, English


I run the International Resource Office, coordinate the Arts Education Hub and I am the Coordination Office’s contact person for the Nordic / Baltic Hub. I also work with questions related to youth and audience development.

Contact me If you have inquires about any of the above.

Olga Rudak / Communications Officer

  • olga(at)teh(dot)net
  • English, Swedish, Russian and Belarusian

I run daily communications for Trans Europe Halles, both external and internal. I ensure implementation of our marketing and communications strategy, oversee brand consistency on all our communications channels; gather and analyse relevant data and work on the promotion of our main activities and events.

Contact me if you have questions about our communications; need to update your information on our website or have an interesting and relevant project to disseminate to our membership. 

Victoria Koffi / ESC Communications Volunteer

  • victoria(at)teh(dot)net
  • French, English, Dutch

As a part of the communications team, I help develop and support the comms strategy. Some of my missions include social media content creation, data collection, and onsite live covering of our meetings. 

Contact me if you would like to share stories of TEH as I am collecting anecdotes and stories regarding our 40th anniversary campaign. 

Erika Haxhi / Senior Project Manager

  • erika(at)teh(dot)net
  • English, French, Albanian, Swedish, some Italian and Spanish

I coordinate The Network Project (TNP) and make sure that our network activities, events and capacity-building programs and advocacy activities run smoothly and meet the needs of our members. In addition, I co-produce TEH meetings with host centres that take place twice a year and bring 250+ cultural professionals from across Europe and beyond.

Contact me if you have a question regarding TEH Meetings, Networking opportunities, TEH self-learning resources, evaluation and other TNP activities. 

Borut Cigale / ESC Event Production Volunteer

  • borut(at)teh(dot)net
  • Slovenian, English and basic Croatian

I am involved in the production of TEH networking events. Those are yearly meetings, advocacy and city visits. I work on programme production, communications and logistics.

Contact me if you have a question regarding TEH meetings and other events.

Olga Zaporozhets / Communications Assistant

  • olga.z(at)teh(dot)net
  • English, Swedish, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian

I manage the communication strategy and plan for the Cultural Transformation Movement Project and its consortium. This involves tasks like researching our audience, building a community around CTMP’s mission, creating relevant and effective content, and planning its distribution through various communication channels. I also provide support to the ZMINA project, where I help Ukrainian artists and cultural organisations gain visibility.

Contact me if you have any expertise or suggestions on improving communication for social justice among underrepresented groups. 

Femi Adeniyi / Project Manager

  • femi(at)teh(dot)net
  • English, Swedish, a tiny bit of German, Nigerian languages (Yoruba, Edo)


Part of my responsibilities includes ensuring a smooth working relationship/collaborations between TEH and its members, removing barriers and challenges that would otherwise hinder the effective collaboration between TEH member network.

Get in touch with me if you would like to discuss how to become a member or if you are one, anything that TEH can do to serve you better.

Ceyda Berk-Söderblom / Senior Project Manager & Researcher

  • ceyda(at)teh(dot)net
  • English, Turkish

I manage the Cultural Transformation Movement project, a key strategic project for TEH, and coordinate the CTMP consortium, a working group of our members who are ambitious to reduce inequalities and inspire the European cultural sector. I am in charge of developing TEH’s relationship with the academic sector on social justice, spatial justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and other topics relevant to underrepresented communities.

Contact me with ideas on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Cultural Transformation Movement project, social transformation and democracy-related issues.

Marcus Lampe / Project Manager

  • marcus(at)teh(dot)net
  • Swedish, English, Portuguese and some Danish and Italian 

I am currently filling in for Hanna Olsson while she’s on maternity leave – running the International Resource Office, coordinating the Arts Education Hub and the Youth Hub, as well as acting as the Coordination Office’s contact for the Nordic/Baltic members.

Contact me if you are a cultural actor in Skåne looking for help to develop international projects and collaborations or have questions regarding any of the hubs mentioned.  


Cassidy Nazario / Admin & Logistics Secretary

  • English, Swedish and a bit of Spanish

The main purpose of my position is to support the directors and staff members of Trans Europe Halles.

The administrative and logistical support that I provide includes but is not limited to: making travel arrangements, archiving documents, managing invoices, supporting team meetings, and maintaining the office and its supplies.

Contact me if you have questions about reimbursements, invoicing and travel bookings.