TEH Camp Meeting 90

Open Up: Performing Culture in Contested Places

TEH Camp Meeting 90 in Nicosia aspires to explore how, in this era of isolation and lockdowns, of divisions and partitions, of segregation and exclusion, culture could play an active role in opening up new forms of community relations to emerge. The meeting will take place at NiMAC, the old Power House of Nicosia, situated in the old city surrounded by medieval Venetian walls. But these are not the only walls of Nicosia. Nicosia is the last divided capital of Europe, as a result of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus that took place in 1974. During the meeting, we will have the opportunity to explore the divide and its consequences and to visit the buffer zone, the deserted Nicosia airport and the ghost seaside city of Famagusta. We will also get to know the creative ways in which Greek and Turkish Cypriots work together towards a common future in a reunited Cyprus, despite major political forces that are only interested in permanently keeping the island divided in two parts. In addition, we will also take into consideration the various implications the pandemic has imposed on culture and its practitioners. The meeting, through innovative performative processes will attempt to reintroduce TEH’s primary values, which fundamentally and essentially are about physical proximity: getting together, discussing, reflecting, eating, drinking and dreaming, meeting old friends and making new ones, and exploring exciting contacts.


  • TEH90 is the first planned meeting after the global pandemic: Due to the cancellation of our last meeting in Denmark and the social isolation imposed on many, November 2020 is a great time to meet in person again, to talk and exchange points of view on these difficult times ahead and ways of adjusting and boosting the TEH community! 
  • TEH90 will create opportunities: On the one hand, the meeting will encourage the participants to reflect on the pandemic-induced isolation; and what residue this has left, through creative workshops.  On the other, it will create opportunities to reflect on each one’s practice, in general.
  • TEH90 will take place in Nicosia the capital of Cyprus: The last divided capital in Europe separated by a no man’s land. Known for its amazing hospitality and exquisite traditional food!
  • TEH90 will offer unique opportunities to: Swim into the cleanest waters in Europe and explore the island and its environment by visiting amazing (and contested) places on both sides of the divide.


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Early Bird Registration (until 15 September)

TEH Member & Associates from the Balkans, EaP countries and local community – 60€
TEH Member & Associates – 90€
Non-members – 120€

Regular Registration (from 15 September)

TEH Member & Associates from the Balkans, EaP countries and local community  – 90€
TEH Member & Associates – 130€
Non-members – 150€

If you need travel support, please register for the meeting before 15 September. During the registration you will be able to indicate if you are in need of one. 



It might be hard to plan your travel nowadays. To help you find best possible travel routes and accommodation options, please check out the TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION GUIDE prepared by the NiMAC team.

  • We would also like to ask you to carefully check and follow all the latest travel regulations that might be in place due to the COVID-19 situation.
  • On our side, we will do our best to take all necessary precautions to make this event as safe and inclusive as possible for all its participants!

DESCLAIMER: In case of cancellation, all tickets will be refunded in their full amount apart from the service fee (1.4% + €0.25 per charge) that is non-refundable. 


NiMAC [Nicosia Municipal Artes Centre, Associante with the Pierides Foundation] is housed in the renovated building of the Old Powerhouse, located in the historical centre of Nicosia. NiMAC was inaugurated on 14 January 1994 and it is the oldest and largest Contemporary Art Centre of the island. Its architectural restoration and conversion into a beautiful art and cultural space was awarded the Europa Nostra Award in 1994. During its twenty plus years of its operation, the Nicosia Artes Centre has organized and presented more than eighty exhibitions of modern and contemporary art with the participation of well-known artists from Cyprus and abroad. Many of these were organized in collaboration with museums, art centres and cultural institutions of Europe and other countries. 


If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please contact us at events@teh.net.

November 5, 2020


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