TEH Camp Meeting 94 in Fengersfors

We are inviting you to join our event TEH Camp Meeting 94 with focus on collaboration in the past, present and future. Let’s build a sauna, make a festival or create new projects together. 

Do It Together 

Co-create, co-operate, co-own, co-direct, co-craft, co-exist
How do we create space for arts and culture? – By working together!


Dates: 22-25 September, 2022

Venue: Not Quite in Fengersfors, Sverige.  



Not Quite is an organisation for artists of different art forms. We are based in an old paper mill in the village of Fengersfors with 500 inhabitants, far out in the Swedish forests, 200 kilometers north of Gothenburg, and southeast from Oslo. Not Quite has workshops, studios, exhibition spaces and stages in a context far away from the city. With around 70 members we are building a collective place to be in, to work in, to visit and to experience. For ourselves and for others. 


During 20 years of its existence, Not Quite has been exploring and finding methods for sustainable working in rural areas, as a small organization, often with small funds and resources, but with a strong engaging community. Not Quite has just purchased an old carpentry building and in 2022 it is our ambition to develop new sustainable methods of working. Together we build for a resilient future, where the community (members of Not Quite ) will be able to continue to realize the Not Quite experiment. How this is going to happen we don’t quite know – yet. These are questions and challenges we will tackle together in our upcoming conference.

We aim to

To bring 200+ cultural workers from across Europe:

  • pioneers and artivists who are working with their communities back in their home countries 
  • to explore the topic of co-creation, community-engagement and sustainability, especially in the context of the rural.


We are excited to announce that you can buy your tickets now! Please, pay attention that Early Bird Tickets are available ONLY for TEH members and until 15 July, 2022!

Ticket Prices:

  • Early Bird, TEH Member Ticket -100 Euro
    Only 40 pcs, last date to buy them is July 15. You also need to be a member of Trans Europe Halles
  • Regular TEH Member Ticket – 175 Euro
    Tickets for members of Trans Europe Halles
  • Meeting ticket non-members – 220 Euro
    Tickets for non-members of Trans Europe Halles
  • Meeting ticket for TEH Members from Balkan – 100 Euro
    This is a ticket for members from the Balkans
  • Day ticket – 50 Euro
    This is a day ticket for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. You choose for which day you want to buy a ticket by selecting for example “day ticket Thursday”


Please, mind that tickets are personal and you can only buy one ticket per booking!

Practical information

Travel is available here. Fengersfors is a small community in the rural Sweden so getting there might be tricky. Yet, it is not too far away from Gothenburg – Sweden’s second largest city – so we recommend you check out their airport or trains there. It is best to start booking your travel now as prices grow fast here in Sweden and might be quite high closer to the meeting.

We have also prepared a list of more budget options as we know that travel to Sweden might be quite expensive.

For Accommodation, Not Quite Team has arranged accommodation across the town, trying to find places at local B&Bs and people’s homes. We recommend you book your accommodation when you buy your tickets. This way we can easily allocate you a place to stay.

IMPORTANT! if you arrive with a caravan, there will be places for that as well. See more in the link.


If you have any questions, email at events@teh.net.