cinema ARTA

ARTA is more than a cinema. It aims to be a vibrant place – a meeting place for movie lovers and creative people in Cluj, Romania.

ARTA in dialogue with Association is a new cultural hub and a catalyser for the independent cultural and creative sector. The centre isn’t only a place for cultural events, but also a significant place for the community. Believing in the impact of culture on societal and urban development, ARTA created a multidisciplinary platform that would contribute to the cultural and social life of Cluj. The centre promotes cultural values, diversity and inclusiveness, through the showcase and interaction between various forms of art, and also between people.

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Balkan Hub


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


  • Art Gallery, Cinema, Café / Bar

  • Exhibition and Programming, Education and Training

  • Music, Visual Arts, Film, Design, Architecture and Urbanism, Education