Communitism is an open community of creative professionals experiencing practices of commoning at Keramikou 28 in Metaxourghio, Athens. Communitism revives abandoned or under-utilised cultural heritage buildings – transitioning them into cultural commons entrusted and operated by active communities by building a cooperative relationship between owners and community members. Communitism calls for building owners (public or private) and communities to share the responsibility for maintaining and preserving cultural heritage.

They are based on principles of sharing spaces, means of production, skills and time through practices of cooperation, solidarity and mutualism. Inspired by civic use principles they grant accessibility, usability, fairness, inclusiveness and common decision-making processes in the use and care of spaces.

Communitism rejects any form of fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism through active policies of inclusion and respect for differences.

What makes your organisation unique?

Practice before theory is Communitism’s way of structuring their organisation. Practically, this meant a three-year process of community development, which has been made visible through the progress of the state of the building. They are currently engaged in programming and developing the next steps, always by experimenting and fine-tuning based on their practice. The final goal has always been to sustain a socio-cultural space in the centre of Athens, in a formerly disused industrial building.


Athens, Greece


  • Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300), Outdoor stage, Multifunction Hall, Art Gallery, Meeting Room, Workshop room, Artists Studio, Rehearsal or Practice Room, Cinema, Artistic Residency Accommodation, Co-working Space, Maker Space, Arts / Creative / Business / Social Incubator, Community Areas, Multi-purpose Space, Courtyard

  • Research, Production, Exhibition and Programming, Mediation

  • Music, Circus, Dance, Visual Arts, Film, Crafts, Architecture and Urbanism, Art residencies, Community and Relational Arts, Democratic and civil society development, Entrepreneurship