Venue for Contemporary Performing Arts

Inkonst is an independent venue in Malmö that features performing arts, music, talks and other art forms. They present innovative and contemporary culture that moves outside of the established, mainstream or genre defined. They are passionate about art that pushes the boundaries and takes risks, yet remains playful, entertaining and fun.

The music program presents live music that dares to play on the left field, that moves forward and experiments. Their artists span multiple genres, including electronic, techno, rock, kraut, doom, world music, jazz and pop. They present both young, upcoming artists, those established on the international music scene, as well as the legends who shaped the music we’re interested in today.

Inkonst is a venue for contemporary performing arts with a strong focus on what’s happening in the international arena. They also present what’s new and relevant from Malmö and Sweden. The common thread is the interdisciplinary and genre bending where the rules that govern the traditional theatre are no longer in play.

Inkonst was founded in 1998 and has been located in the old chocolate factory, Mazetti, in Malmö since 2006, close to the Möllan square and Triangeln train station. They have three stages: a blackbox and two regular stages, one smaller and one larger, with a total capacity of up to 600 guests. Inkonst is a welcoming space for the skewed and different, a place where it’s possible to step outside of yourself and experience something you never even thought possible.

What makes the organisation unique?

Inkonst’s performances refuse to fit into either of the categories “dance”, “performance” or “theatre” but moves freely between different traditions and expressions.

What TEH projects are they a part of?

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Malmö, Sweden


  • Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300), Large Concert Hall (audience capacity: more than 300), Black box, Small Theatre (audience capacity: less than 200), Music Recording Studio, Café / Bar

  • Production

  • Music, Theatre / Performance, Circus, Dance, Film, Literature, Publishing, Media (Radio & TV), Community and Relational Arts, Art residencies

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