Laznia Nowa


Łaźnia Nowa Theatre is a place where ideas bloom – a place where both renowned and novice artists, amateurs as well as professionals, find space to develop and create exciting work. Through the years of its existence in Nowa Huta, a district of Krakow that was down on its luck, Łaźnia has changed the way people think – not only about the district itself, but about theatre and art in Poland, too.

It was here, in the post-industrial space that used to serve as a workshop hall for a nearby electrician vocational school, that the borders between audience and artists were broken down. Projects that would have no chance in seeing the light of day in other theatres were brought to life. And unique relationships were formed, resulting in engagement in art and the life of local communities. Łaźnia is a place where art is inseparably connected with education, self-improvement, development, care and responsibility for the residents of Krakow.

What makes your organisation unique?

The social impact produced.


Kraków, Poland


  • Small Concert hall (audience capacity: less than 300), Large Concert Hall (audience capacity: more than 300), Outdoor stage, Multifunction Hall, Small Theatre (audience capacity: less than 200), Large Theatre (audience capacity: more than 200), Conference Room, Meeting Room, Workshop room, Rehearsal or Practice Room, Music Recording Studio, Multimedia or Audiovisual Studio, Cinema, Café / Bar, Community Areas

  • Production, Exhibition and Programming, Education and Training, Archiving and Conservation

  • Music, Theatre / Performance, Dance, Multimedia and interactive Arts, Film, Literature, Media (Radio & TV), Advertisement and Marketing, Design, Architecture and Urbanism, Education, Community and Relational Arts, Democratic and civil society development, Science

  • Education Building