residenza IDRA

The theatre production Residenza IDRA – Independent Drama Residence – is a place, an idea and a method to produce, organise and live performing arts.

Hydra is a mythical beast with seven heads, each of which, if cut, grows another three heads. This reflects the essence of this centre. It is, in fact, a multidisciplinary residence where many heads are intertwined while searching for new means of artistic creation and independent production.

The obstinacy with which the mythological animal regenerates reflects the centre’s desire to always search for new forms of representation. For them, the hydra is not a monster but a challenge to contemporary times where integration and collaboration are keywords on which to build a sustainable community.

What makes your organisation unique?

First, well-developed audience engagement work with the community. Second, the international immersive theatre festival, Wonderland.

What TEH activities do you belong to?

Artistic Residencies, Arts Education Platform


Brescia, Italy


  • Multifunction Hall, Small Theatre (audience capacity: less than 200), Black box, Conference Room, Meeting Room, Workshop room, Rehearsal or Practice Room, Artistic Residency Accommodation, Community Areas, Multi-purpose Space, Courtyard

  • Research, Production, Exhibition and Programming, Education and Training, National advocacy

  • Theatre / Performance, Dance, Multimedia and interactive Arts, Design, Community and Relational Arts