Members’ News – March

1.) Bitamine


The aim of this call is to update the design of a traditional object present in the Basque culture. In this way, we contribute on the one hand to research and the eventual recovery of traditional customs, and on the other hand to an adaptation, renewal and reinterpretation from the point of view of contemporary design. We would like to establish new relationships with our history and to expand the lines of research and the action fields of design.

The piece to be reviewed in this call is the hot chocolate pot.

This call is open to any person or legal entity of any age (students, professionals or collectives) in the design field (industrial and product design, architecture, engineering, fine arts, etc.) from any country. Participation in the competition is free.

26 April 2020

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2.) Tickets for Good

At Tickets for Good and The Ticket Bank, we know that attending arts events is beneficial to mental health and emotional wellbeing. That’s why we give away free event tickets to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to attend, or who have other barriers which make getting out and about difficult. For the past few years we’ve been working with charities to get free tickets to their beneficiaries, more recently via our spare ticket online marketplace.

We are looking forward to the next phase of our research pilot, where we’ll be developing our methodology and evidence base, so we can even more clearly demonstrate the link between going to an event and feeling great. We’re actively looking for partners of all shapes and sizes, who can help us. If you’re a GP, a link worker, a social care provider, impact investor, or if you can help in any other way, please do get in touch. We’d love you to be part of this journey. Get in touch at

For More Information: Click Here


3.) Zentralwerk

ComposerGenau! is a monthly web series based at Zentralwerk Dresden/ Germany. Part sitcom and part examination of modern composition, the series features Interviews with internationally known artists and composers.



At STRAZE, we’ve finally come to the conclusion that we’re not going to have an audience in our hall anytime soon, so we’re embracing digital events more and more.

First, the post-production of our digital concert from last November is done and online, a nice way to have a look at what we’re doing: The Fox Lane Music Showcase of the London independent jazz / trip hop label

In March, we have several online events. The exact dates are not settled, but you will find updates on Facebook

6th of March: Sketch’n’Skrätch. An early event for International Women*s Day, with interactive sketching / drawing and live DJ:anes antikategorie and miss*treat

18th of March: short documentaries and discussion with activists in the Belarusian struggle for democracy

2nd half of March: video premiere of the production of a sound installation for six guitars and random chance by Martin Hiller, a live duet for grand piano and voice, and a classical music production in honor of Greifswald’s little known composer Luise Greger



5.) Allerweltshaus

Allerweltshaus has found a new, permanent home: a building on Geisselstraße, right in our neighbourhood. The former refugee housing centre has stood empty since 2019 and will not be torn down, but remodeled instead.

Our intercultural centre houses more than 30 groups, projects and a counselling service for refugees, among other things. We all now have to face the challenge of completing many tasks on our own. In order to cover the costs for tasks that need to be accomplished by skilled workers, we created a profile on

By making a donation to our centre via, you will receive news about the relocation and remodeling process which we send out every 2 – 3 weeks.

You can find the link and additional photos here.


6.) Fabrica de Pensule

Fabrica de Pensule is issuing a call for partner organisations to support their artist residency programme. The partner organisation will choose two artists to send to Romania for a period of 3-4 weeks between the months of May and October.

For more information, please refer to the Fabrica de Pensule programme brochure.


7.) Tabacka Kulturfabrik

Tabačka Kulturfabrik is starting a new residency program with a focus on film. TBCK forward is
intended for female authors of documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe (Czech
Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania,
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and
North Macedonia).

Applications can be submitted by the female authors/directors who have made at least
one documentary which was publicly screened in a cinema, at a festival, on TV or on an
online platform. Applicants applying to the one-month residency in the cultural centre
Tabačka Kulturfabrik in Košice must have a permanent address in one of the countries
mentioned above.

Fill out the application form and submit it by email to

The application deadline is set for 1 April, 2021

For more details, please refer to the residency programme.


8.) Nová Cvernovka

Like almost every cultural center around the world, Nová Cvernovka nowadays is experiencing a difficult time. Although all the studios in our building continue to function, our cultural space is yawning with emptiness. Thanks to support from our partners, we are able to go on – working on the reconstruction of our cultural hall and park, publishing a book and broadcasting online.


Cultural space Nová Cvernovka broadcasts online (in Slovak)! In addition to stable lecture formats such as the Tabuľa (Board) or History Kabinet (History Cabinet), we also started filming ĽZNC: Ľudia z Novej Cvernovky – a mini documentary series about people working in Nová Cvernovka and interveNCia – musical performances revealing known and unknown corners of the former chemical school transformed into a public cultural and creative center.

Nová Cvernovka NCTV


Nadácia Cvernovka (The Cvernovka Foundation) – founder of our cultural and creative center, co-published a book advising how to turn abandoned buildings into centers of culture and social innovation. The title of this book and its main mission says Don’t Sell! Develop! (Nepredať! Zveľadiť!).


To rebuild and to extend our park, we’ve used a waste material from the reconstruction of our building that started 5 years ago. We sorted the rubble (construction waste) and modified it to a new threshing path and terrace successfully tested with an intensive summer program (Leto pod Palmou).

Our plan for the next few months contains an installation of the mobile sauna with its own heated vestibule, building a “living wall” that separates a public park from a community garden and planting some new trees.  


As our cultural space yawns with emptiness, we embarked on its reconstruction. We moved the backstage and equipment warehouse. The backstage received a stylish coat of pink paint and a special wooden cladding that will help improve the acoustics in the hall.

Support of cultural space Nova Cvernovka 


9.) Fabrika Tbilisi

A message from CES Records:

“All of us here at CES Records are delighted to be able to re-issue one of the most lovable and important albums in Georgia’s electronic music history.

მჟავა MESSAGE (ACID MESSAGE) is a collaborative album, created in post-soviet Tbilisi (1996-97) during the constant power outages by the members of GOSLAB Collective: Post Industrial Boys (Gogi Dzodzuashvili); Nikakoi (Nika Machaidze); Maya Sumbadze; Gio Sumbadze and Nino Chubinishvili. მჟავა MESSAGE is considered to be the pioneering Georgian electronic music album that has defined the Georgian electronic sound for decades. The album is text based and uses fascinating techniques of mixing the Georgian and English languages.”

For more detailed information about the album:

If you would like to experience the album yourself, it is also available on Spotify.


Published on March 3, 2021