Philippe Grombeer

Grief within grief.

Our dearest friend Philippe Grombeer left us on Sunday 26th of April 2020. He was 74 years old. We from Trans Europe Halles pay our deepest respects to his family and friends.

Philippe was one of the founders of Les Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels, the birthplace of Trans Europe Halles – this European network he started in 1983 together with 7 other cultural organisations and which now has 129 members in 37 countries.

Philippe was a great activist, a connector, a hedonist; he was engaged, visionary and incredibly humble. Above all else, he was an optimist, inspiring all of us to appreciate the good things and to be brave enough to work through the bad things – and if possible, with a smile on your face!

When starting the network, he knew what had to be done and he was right. “It was the time to look at solidarity, at searching other models, at exchanging experiences.” Nothing is less true, even nowadays. Especially nowadays.

We will miss his presence and the always-fascinating conversations we had with him, but his spirit and values will continue to inspire and influence everything that we do as a network.

Salut, Philippe!

From the Executive Committee and the team of TEH

If you would like to pay your respects and express your condolences, we will let you know later this week. In the meanwhile, you can send an email to

Published on April 27, 2020