EVS Youth Exchanges

Thanks to the network’s dedicated sending and hosting organisations, young people aged 18-30 were given the opportunity to work at another TEH centre for 2-12 months through European Voluntary Service (EVS) through part of the EU Programme Youth in Action.

With the help of EVS, young people could abroad and work in another TEH centre with all expenses covered. All costs during their stays such as travel, food, accommodation, insurance, language training, local transports and pocket money was covered by EVS. This exchange programme was open to all young people aged 18-30, who were able to stay abroad for 2-12 months.

In TEH, we gave priority to young people who were active in the centres of the network. To go and work abroad at another centre of the network, participants needed TEH centre to act as their sending organisation. More information can be found in this EVS Guidebook.