Glocal Arts and Culture

Glocal Arts and Culture is a volunteering project led by TEH member centre Mejeriet. Mejeriet and TEH Coordination Office started co-hosting volunteers in 2010 within the framework of European Solidarity Corps. In 2020, we had two ESC volunteers – Jeanne Fené and Jeannice Bereziat from France – who worked with us until June that year and helped both at Mejeriet and TEH Coordination Office in Lund.

From January 2021, we are having two new volunteers this time from Poland: Natalia Pierzchawka ( and Aleksandra Miśkiewicz (

Natalia is 31 years old. She is a researcher with a huge interest in human rights, ethics, and social change.

Aleks likes biking, moving around, live gigs, and visual arts. She is into creating digital products, UK design and web accessibility. And books.

If you want to learn more about ESC project and how to send / receive volunteers at your centre, please check out our recent publication “Volunteering in the Grassroots European Cultural Scene” created by Nienke Voorintholt (Stanica) and co-edited by Annette Wolfberger and Burak Sayin (TEH Coordination Office).

Meet Aleks and Natalia!